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  1. It very clearly warns you before you do it that it will overwrite your existing open data.. yet you press it anyway? I think it is a great feature. I think it's not actually clear that open=lan characters also. I made the same mistake once but was fortunately able to restore my old characters. Also it's pretty retarded that they can't just be added instead of overwritten.
  2. It's because of the recent content and patches, not the USD shops. Every multi-player game I've played for the last 20 years has had some sort of gold farming / power leveling / High Warlord grinding USD service available in it. It could be made less blatant (please), but getting rid of it is not going to happen unless guys stop using their $$ to get epix. I.E. Never These are the factors that I think Trendy has failed to deliver on that are making people quit: - The seasonal (casual) content has been poorly designed for the demographic that actually cares about it - They raped the mage class a month and a half ago and haven't taken steps to fix it - The new content has obsoleted all the other content in the game, as far as progression, and it consists of a single map repetition - The decision making and planning aspects of the game have become more and more one dimensional since we started I could blahblahblah about each point for a while, but you've seen it all before. Short version is that I typically play a tank class and am not casual, and my wife plays a mage class and is casual. Neither of us are playing atm due to a combination of the factors above. shockingly accurate.
  3. I have an idea. Make the goblin pet, goblin pet(s). Make equipping it show two goblins, one that heals and one that attacks at the same time. This is the future of Dungeon Defenders. Dual Pets. They just didn't realize it yet. That'll cost 5 bucks then.
  4. Yes, Countess. CtA is invaluable. So countess is op, rest is not. Saying something is too easy if you can only beat it with one certain character is... strange.
  5. And I ran four tonight where the ogres went after them as soon as they encountered them. The exact same placement prior to the patch would hang them up every single time. they probably decreased the ogre target range. that means, build your towers closer to the wall. which in turn means, if the ogre starts hitting the wall (like they nearly always do) they will splash onto your turrets and you're ****ed.
  6. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=15588 After some troubles using the only other setup posted here, i changed it a bit to the one above and managed to complete it on the first try. The most important thing is upgrade the 2 MM-towers on the bottom to three stars, because they are the ones taking care of the ogres. Occasionally you have to defend your ogre against some spiders, but mostly i just helped killing the enemy ogres (with app guardian). On first wave, build the two bottom towers aswell as two left or right and one on the other side.
  7. Yeap, noticed the same thing when i inserted my monk to level my new guardian and increased chance for random drops from monsters. All chests nearly always contained a weapon (which it seems have a way higher chance of being bad - and mine aren't good).
  8. As others pointed out, it's legit. I had a better one in the shop after a HC NM endless spires run today, for 10mana. Run after that a monk animus, with similar stats also for 10mana :D my lucky day
  9. You had to pay extra money for the expansions that added new characters in Diablo, Diablo II, Guild Wars, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Titan Quest, and Dungeon Siege for instance.. horrible analogy here, the characters were part of addons, which added large amounts of content. @topic: I too think that the DLC-releasing has gotten out of hand. I'm getting less and less inclined to play the game everytime a DLC is released, because it feels more and more like these freemium games where you actually spend a ****load of money for a full game. Currently the 'full-game' costs 35Euros, nearly triple the release price.
  10. It's basically your own fault for buying a game on a console ;) :P
  11. First of all, thanks for your quick responses. Arhunson was right, that was exactly the problem :)
  12. Hi, as the topic stated, my hotkeybar on my ranked-monk does not have the Hero Boost on hotkey 3, but just ensnare aura again. However i do have the appropiate skill on all my other chars and on my local monk. Any ideas/solutions? This makes him basically unplayable in nightmare.
  13. you're pretty much right. the game right now reminds me way too much of diablo 2 around 1.08/1.09...
  14. Its steam. Never ever buy things on the day of release unless its a must have, you must have it on day one or else. Look at pretty much every title that's come out in the past 3 months, all of them have been on sale from 25-75% off (25% mw3/skyrim/sr3, 50% everyone else, 75% indies/valve). Unless its going to be the best game ever that you must have day one you can either get the game cheaper on amazon or steam itself sooner then later. mw3 doesn't count, it's at the normal pc-game price with 25% discount. but oh well, it's a cashcow, nothing else to expect there.
  15. The one MM at the top crystal won't be enough to stop the wyverns, especially at wave 3 or 4 when they are out trick or treating. Also, you have nothing to stop them at the bottom pumpkin from walking u the stairs to the right and hitting the crystal. You also don't have anything at that crystal on the right to protect it from wyverns and anything else that were to be there. Here is my build. I use my monk to put auras down, then switch to squire and place blockades. The strength drain helps them stay up. This is the build phase of the first round. The auras on the right are on the edge of the bridge that extends out. This way it hits the bottom enemies and the ones using the ghost road. During the wave I finish putting up blockades so it'll look like this. Oh, and Halloween stage has 150 DU and not the 110 that you used. Second wave build phase I put Inferno traps under each blockade. It also doubles as spider protection. You could sub out the infernos with prox, but you'll be super busy with repairs, and depending on your squire's tower health, you can replace the spike blockades with bounce blockades. The end result is this. All my towers are targeted at the crystal but the are able to hit each other. I'm getting closer to completing it on Nightmare, but I am going to say that the build is pretty solid. did you try that after the massive aura nerf yesterday? i think they don't extend that far now.
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