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  1. What the hell are you smoking!? This doesn't do anything for console users (just tried it). Only way we can swap heroes is by using L1 & R1 in the options menu. Did you do some keybinding swaps on PC & are playing with a controller?
  2. Haha, lol, what!? There weren't any staffs that shot faster than 4 times per second. There is the galaxy weapon, the blaster caster, but it only goes up to 8 times per second & it shoots all over the place. I think you might've been confused or made a typo :-/
  3. Patch came out on PC last week. They said we'd get it sometime this week. Not much chatter on PC regarding whether it was fixed or not :-/ Edit: it was a hotfix, not a patch
  4. It makes running the game more efficient. Sure, I like to experiment with stats & builds, but if someone has already done said experiment then I'd like to know beforehand so I don't waste my time
  5. To build however many beams you want start by hitting L1 & square, or L1 & cross, triangle, whatever. Place each node with the cross or x button. Put down however many you want. To stop building, press the same buttons you did to start building. So if it was proton beams, you start with L1 & square. Put down at least 2 by hitting cross or x at least twice. Then hit L1 & square again. This will cause you to stop building & have only made a chain of 2 nodes. This only happens in game, but if you look at the picture of whatever you're building or build by hitting L1 & x or
  6. Nope. Parity was achieved via the most recent updates so whatever events/missions PC has, the console gets as well
  7. Lol, my bad ;-P [[156256,users]] If you want some tips on placement or what to look for on gear then HMU! PSN is the same as here (madmanblazing). Cheers!
  8. [[4370,users]], any way you can sticky this thread to the top of the list? I mean, if it's on the front page then maybe more PC players will comment about if the recent hotfix was able to fix the recent passive debuff bug. I am hopeful us console players won't have much to worry about when it lands for us next week
  9. Wait for carnival to come around again. That's your best bet if you don't want to grind for gear. You can grind for gold now, get high ipwr on one character, & get set to roll the wheel. This game is grindy, that's what it is. You can put up with it or get out, IMO
  10. Oh, lol, I get it. OP made a post about RNG being RNG. Haha! On a more serious note, realize the game added new characters so gear has more rollable choices making it technically harder to ever get the right gear. Try to remember back on your statistics class ;-P
  11. Lol, no. It's a bug that was introduced in the most recent update. I'm sure if you took the time to read past posts you would've caught it. Instead you look for the easy way out & get suckers like me to do the hard trudge through words for you :-/
  12. That's because the abyss lord & EV2 have viable builds that use defense power & ability power or weird combos like that. Take a look at EV2 active playstyle (https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/135787/ev2-active-playstyle) & Abyss lord active playstyle (https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/134700/abyss-lord-active-playstyle).
  13. You testing for how far "length-wise/straight-line-distance" away from the training dummy you can hit? Or are you aiming at a spot behind the dummy & seeing if the side of the beam is hitting it? I believe width would affect the latter but not the former. Then again, knowing [[63962,users]], things won't work the way you think they would. They work the trendy way ;-P Maybe try to get the limit of how wide your beam can hit the target then try hitting that same spot & seeing if width changes. IMO
  14. Honestly I don't think it's that big of a deal. Sure the abyss lord has op tower defense, but EV2 has better defense towers (proton nodes) & she can pretty easily out dps the abyss lord. IMO EV2 is the better buy
  15. Delivering updates on the PS4 is a little strange. When our updates pass Sony's certification process, we publish the update. We still need to perform a final verification pass before turning the servers back on, so you'll receive the update, but there's a window of time (usually up to 30 minutes) where you'll receive the 5008 error because our servers are still down. I guess I'm too crazy to think people will read past forum posts describing the exact same issue & the exact same way it was resolved, too. Woe is me...smh...
  16. Pretty sure that's the known "frosty proton node" giving you a 3% chance to freeze enemies. OP was talking about a new passive with "overcharge" in its name :-/
  17. New op meta build (with the two new characters), you can build with all of your heroes so solo play is easier, new way heroes in hero deck gain exp so grinding new toons is easier, new incursion weapons, new maps, dracolich pet (don't know if you did the monthly for it), etc. You know, not much changed at all ;-P
  18. New bug? You sure you don't get the rewards? They automatically go into your inventory. Did you download the update? How many dailies have you had? I think we were all rolled back to having one after the update, no matter how many you had before the update (I had 2 I knew of).
  19. Doesn't it tell you when you read the details on the daily mission? I say this because I unintentionally "rerolled" a daily from do 4 maps to do 4 plaza maps. After it said plaza maps it specifically told me which ones I needed to do (greystone, littlehorn, dragonfall gates, & dragonfall bazaar). Yours doesn't do anything like this?
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