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  1. Could you really not scroll down to the bottom of the page in the PS4 discussion section of the forums & hit page 2 or next page!? It's like the second or third post there. Jeez :-/ Click the Link or copy & paste into browser (https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/136514/map-drops)
  2. Where is the word 'defense' in Dungeon Defenders 2? Really!? You're going to be "that guy!?"
  3. Jeez Louise, it's ASSAULT ON THRONE ROOM! Not "attack." Come on, guys...
  4. It's game breaking to the point where you don't even need to build defenses on maps. That's a huge deal, especially since the game had defense in the title. Expect a hotfix ASAP!
  5. Interesting point about the costumes... ...and the "would I recommend this game to a friend" question. I think I would...on PC where it's free to play :-/
  6. Have you sent trendy a support ticket? Found in the tech support section of the forum. Here is the link for the support ticket. They can help with lost items & such.
  7. Anything to report, [[4370,users]], [[77554,users]], [[63962,users]]? Us console players would like to know need to know if you've got any plans for the items we had that were rerolled from the EV2/Buried Bastille update. I understand the steam 13.6 hotfix fixed this rerolled passives issue, but our console buried bastille hotfix did nothing to get back our gear (granted the update did restore projectile speeds on huntress & apprentice weapons, which was nice). We need to know if this is now a lost cause so we can move on. Else, I'm still holding onto hope that my 280% (previously 399%) pu
  8. For the first, yes,mint was intended that rerolling daily missions now assigns you a random new daily mission. It was in the patch notes for the previous update. For the second, Trendy's recent update fixed a little of the issues with the costume shop, but there's still some buggy hiccups going on in the shop. Hopefully the next update addresses this :-/ ([[63962,users]], [[4370,users]], [[77554,users]])
  9. Unfortunately, yes. Each PSN account has its own character & gear saved on trendy's servers. I don't play split screen ,but from what I've read in past forum posts about this issue I take it DLC unlocks are only attached to the one account which bought them. Sorry :-/
  10. Am I missing something? Archers are 40 mana so they require 40 DU space only
  11. It's guaranteed on the lower level ipwr map. This means it can drop on the higher level ipwr maps. RNG can sometimes be nice...maybe...
  12. Wow...this is exactly what a person who is both immature & can't come up with a response would respond. If you have a valid complaint, then there are more legit ways to voice them. If you just go on a forum whining about how life isn't fair, then someone will tell you to get over it & move on. Simple
  13. Us console players who were & still are burned from the last update definitely saw this one coming from a mile away...
  14. Not one update has worked like they said Agreed, their patching system is horrible. you can't even get hot swapping through patching but a full reinstall is needed. This system of broken patches that introduce a large number of bugs, break items, and don't fix previous bugs will not be sustainable at launch (which we are getting close to). It's also pushing early access players away - look at the PC steam numbers - the player base is gone. it's no wonder they are delaying f2p on the ps4. Yeah, tell me something I don't know. We know this, we've commented & now Trendy knows this, too. I
  15. Not one update has worked like they said Welcome to the real world...jerk
  16. Are you just going to post this everywhere you can or what!? If you'd taken the chance to read other posts you would know Trendy is having issues...
  17. Think they're dealing with a major bug in this new update. I think it'll be quite a while before we get the notes. They may even have to push this update back further because these passives aren't working right :-/
  18. Omg, haha [[63962,users]]. This $h!t is gold!
  19. You know what, good. I hope you leave this game & never come back. Your posts have done nothing but spout malicious & toxic wording. I hope you someday make a product people want to use & they take to the pitch fork yelling out slander at you & say you're incompetent when you ultimately fail to give timely updates because it's the last thing on your mind while you work feverishly to produce a quality product. Jeez...
  20. On my screen it's says they ran into some problems and they r working to resolve it quickly Lol, did you just reply to your own opening post...giving yourself the answer you needed!? LMAO, WOW!!
  21. Lol, nice try! They said in the PC forum post about the update being live that patch notes will be out soon. Notes always come out after a short while once an update or patch is out. We'll soon see!
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