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  1. Would love to see a video of your take/build on a nightmare 4 version of the map...
  2. Maybe they can do the carnival again & let those pets be obtain that way. This was how I got my void tendrils, bearkira, & thunder-o (with others) pets. Don't see anything wrong with adding dragolich or whoever to the map wheel
  3. There are the pets you can "buy" on PS4 (wish I knew their names without looking). You just need to transform (might not be the right term) an unhatched egg into an egg for those pets (done at one of those pet vendors; I think the left one). This costs gems (or money depending on how you look at it). I'm not sure if these were the pets you were referring to. I'm sorry I'm not being specidfic enough :-/
  4. Always a cynic :-/ Good to hear from ya, nonetheless :-D
  5. I'm being real hopeful, [[63962,users]], [[77554,users]]. Please, don't let us down!
  6. Guess we're just going to have to hope for the best & wait to see what happens :-/
  7. Well, there are 16 slot bags & 32 slot bags. So I guess that's 16 items in one & 32 in the other. Also, don't ever buy a 16 slot bag. Always go for the 32 slot ones, or you'll regret it...like me... :-/
  8. Does anyone really care about this anymore? I mean, we've gone long enough without any indications things will be reversed. I doubt anyone is really holding out at this point & still has gear that needs to be rerolled...again :-/
  9. Yes, this game has split-screen co-op available, but it's buggy. Framarate & loading issues a plenty so beware!
  10. You guys ever try re-installing the game? Easier on you if you leave it to download in rest mode, maybe overnight. At least, if nothing changes, then you'll have the hotswap feature which you both may be able to do simultaneously...maybe...O_o
  11. Yeah, there hasn't really been any change to the method. Just download it overnight with your console in rest mode (make sure to adjust power save settings so it can connect to the internet & download updates while its in rest mode). If you can't find the game in your library when you delete it, you'll have to go to your download list on the PSN store webpage on a computer/phone/tablet/etc.
  12. For ps4 (& subsequently PC, too) it's 40%. Did onslaught & that was the highest I saw. Haven't heard of anyone getting any higher
  13. I'm just not a fan of people asking for "help," when what they really want is to be carried. I'm fine with carrying, it's just I would like to know ahead of time what I can expect when people say "help." However, I can't & wont think the solution is to play private games. I can't come up with one, but there has to be a better system to make public games & keep the ability to easily remove folks you don't want or ones that aren't helping...
  14. Personally, I've noticed the levels right before you can evolve them (pet affection levels 24, 44, & 59) need more waves to gain the 1 affection level than the previous affection levels (so, pet affection levels 23, 43, & 58). I could be wrong, but this is what I've noticed during my playtime
  15. No one is sure, just yet. Trendy did say the next update for ps4 will have the ps+ requirement to play online maps. Other than that, it's anyone's guess. I mean, it'd be easy to tell if console was still behind on updates, but since we've achieved "parity," who knows...?
  16. This is what I was talking about your always going after the last word and defamating a persons character either by the defense and exasterbation of a thread or the way we decide to talk. There are many trolls and you dont like that i called you out on this issue. Your always hurrasing me or a few other in any way you can and its entertainment for me because you for some reason dont get that no one on here values your opinion on this subject. Could be that they dont want to deal with a grown man who trolls. Lol I can read and understand what he was saying so maby you should just shut the ***
  17. [[126905,users]], I'm not trolling. These are my real opinions on people who make public matches with a requirement being 750 ipwr & people who post stuff without proofreading what they wrote. A troll would say stuff to elicit a reaction from the community (usually a negative one) & grab everyone's attention just to make themselves feel good. If English isn't someone's native tongue, then that's okay (the world is a very big place). But when it gets to the point that you have to read & reread what someone wrote just to understand what they're trying to say (& then still can't q
  18. [[155701,users]], we console players have been arguing these points for a while now with very little response. Still no word on passives, other than we may as well get rid of hoping our passives will come back to normal. [[63962,users]], making it real hard to continue grinding this game...sigh...
  19. pomisdrei, No. Like I said in my previous post, there are no drops of ipwr higher than 700 (750 in 4 special cases/maps). You're flat out wrong. I play in ps4, went up to round (not wave) 137 on onslaught, & all of my drops were between 690 & 700 ipwr. You have photo proof to backup what you're saying? Stuff that exists from post-wippeageddon/after the ascension patch? Didn't think so...
  20. I agree with that. But there is an inbetween being able to beat every thing with it and not beating anything anymore. I've tryed pretty much plenty position, possibilities, and there is simply nothing to do with archers anymore: They are weak. So that's why I was asking if there was any other viable setup since I just wont use archers anymore since they became useless. I mean, yeah you can place 1/2 to add some dammage to cover a nice area, but it wont help beating hordes of ennemies. So I'll try your ramster/electric aura setup, and see. I'm still putting defenses down same way as before. N
  21. Just because you can't spam archers anymore doesn't mean you can't play maps anymore. I never used them (although I got a 710ish iPwr AL) and still made it through my maps with a tad bit of creativity :D And the AL isn't quite, you can build Ramsters, some weird Orc Blockades or use the Archers as intended :D of course onu the slowdog ramster and the low life orcs and colossus you are genius clear by the most challanges this works but not in the endless mode on the high wave count where the best weapons for mage and other classes drop you are a hero realy show me you can handle endless map on
  22. that's more the dmg flameburst should have, but mine dont, my mage is only like, 300 DP behind you, sitting at around 3.7k, with about 13% Pyromania, and i have maxed DP and DS in the SAS, but his Flameburst is only a measely 7.8k half of what yours is for only 300DP less than you x.x I think you guys are a little confused. I believe trshy could be talking about the dps number coming off of the training dummies in the tavern & jojozityjo is talking about the dps on the defense tower's tooltip, which is low because of the attack rate. I'll show you what I mean... Here are my stats Here
  23. Can't you get 10% on any legendary piece, regardless of ipwr? I am under the impression the passives are only limited by the quality rating of the gear (legendary, mythical, epic, etc.) & not the ipwr (which concerns the stats like DH, DP, etc.)
  24. This...I don't understand players like you who put the ipwr requirement so high on a public match? You trying to show off or limit the people who join you? If it's the former, then you are a jerk. If it's the latter, then why not make private games? Quality builders/players do not equate to high ipwr on characters. I never went past 26 out of 45 for infusing my gear (the "45" depends on ipwr) because I saw it as pointless. My gear could be "rerolled" after any update & I could honestly never find perfect pieces (perfect in my eyes, at least). Could I still solo any map in the game on night
  25. Yeah, anyone have anything new to report post update?
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