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  1. it may "sound" gamebreaking, but it truly is not, its just one of those bugs that accomplish nothing.
  2. actually since they posted proof with a vid seems pretty legit to me, still doubt people can do 30 waves of misty NM HC without hacking though, even though a ton of people state they can without evidence to support it.
  3. +1, nightmare is also a huge grindfest to complete which is also unfun.
  4. doubt there will even be a barb guardian.
  5. it all comes down to whether the darkness trap will be aoe or not, if its aoe it will be quite viable, if its single target it will be bad.
  6. so as some people are stated there are currently 3 flaws; he unequipped his own weapon before screening, indicating he probably has a hacked weapon equipped. He talks about how he "changes tower layout" after wave 16+, which makes absolutely no sense considering a strategy that works above wave 16 sure as hell should work below wave 16... that weapon is imcomparable to anything that has ever dropped...
  7. who did what legit? yet to see any existing proof.
  8. I'm having some kind of similar problem. After starting DD i can play perfectly, but after some times the game start to lag the sound breaks, after a while it's my whole machine who freeze that i have to restart it manually i happen to have a blue screeen also. I'm using w7 x64, ATI 4850 HD (with driver up to date), 6 gig of ram, and i7 920 processor. tried window mode, remove sound same happen. This problem is really annoying as it last since patch 7.08 wich made me stop palying this game, unfortunately after 10 + patch this problem still here. It also make u lose any progress you did when
  9. that is completely wrong, DLCS are created so developers can create extra revenue and at the same time introduce content in short periods of time instead of introducing large expansions. They should still give free dlcs to people who bought the game? uhh no...you bought the game itself, not the extra content the devs took extra time to develop afterwards...
  10. drop from alchemical labs boss when playing squire/countess.
  11. Firstly, developing this game is their JOB, why do people work? to make money, hence the reason why DLCS cost money. Secondly, you dont have to play nightmare, its your choice, if your having problems with it then play insane. Thirdly, inducing artificial limitations on yourself to make a game harder is hard, and takes some effort, people are lazy, they want to be challenged by others, not create the challenges themself.
  12. 243 upg godly is a problem considering its not mythic...
  13. i quite frankly dont give a damn about the strategy, i do on the other hand give a damn about proof. so many people claim how easy it is to do this **** legit yet nobody, and i mean nobody has showed any proof to back this up...as long as this proof does not exist, it will remain a fact that only hackers can complete this stuff and that anyone using the moot point of "you guys are noobs and suck so you cant do it" are in fact hackers trying to defend their asses..
  14. just have to reach wave 10, after doing it on all maps you have to complete any mission to get the chiev.
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