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  1. Ok i have uninstalled and installed it freshly, i still have the fps lock
  2. Can i reinstall the game without having to download it again?
  3. CPU usage after lock = http://puu.sh/ovAPO/55a0b33f4c.png GPU usage after lock = http://puu.sh/ovB24/2a16a608d6.png CPU usage before lock = http://puu.sh/ovBcS/fcece8f711.png Gpu usage before lock = http://puu.sh/ovBk6/e1186b9f48.png My power supply has 600 Watts. It's a few years old so maybe it's bad? I've never had this problem before. Once played witcher 3 for +8 hours, 30 fps maxed out on 1920x1080.
  4. Cpu temp is 50 celsius and gpu before lock is 68, after lock around 50
  5. No, not even close. After fps lock my gpu usage plummets low aswell.
  6. Yes but Vsync should lock it to 60, yet my game randomly out of the blue locks fps to 10-12 after minutes of gameplay
  7. No it does not matter what settings it is, i tried all settings. Problem occurs randomly after some minutes of gameplay. So basically i play 1 game then have to restart game to remove fps lock.
  8. All settings are same fps, v sync enabled or disabled, still fps lock. Monitor refresh rate is 60 Hz i believe.
  9. Very weird bug or something. As i open the game, it runs perfectly and after some minutes (about 10) it looks as if the game locks the fps for some reason. Found also that if i tab out of the game it removes fps lock. And when tabbed out for some mins gpu usage goes up to 99% while tabbed in it's super low. Game is unplayable. PC SPECS i3 2100 3.1 GHz 8 gb of ram r9 270 2 gb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iMlOqfnw5Y
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