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  1. Hi Guys, i would like to know if its possible to climb Onslaught until floor 200 with just 483 asc levels and 19 ancient power? Im currently in the floor 152 and im start to struggle. Im trying to climb to 180-200 just to get more asc lvs when i do the reset. if i do the reset now im gonna start with 1560 asc level, but im trying to get at least 1800 to start. Any tips, suggestion, help would be amazing. Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, anyone can share the fastest way to do the resets for Ancient Power? i did the reset 3 time just climbing chaos and then doing the floors remaining to reset but, i was wondering if this is the fastest way to do it. can you guys share some ideas or strategies? Its worth to spend money in Prestigious weapon or some Medallions for 2-3 defs? Ty
  3. I m Constantly getting "Sorry your request time out" error. I didnt find any solution on forum. anyone has any clue on how to solve that? Got that in every region, also i did verify my steam files and reinstall the entire game. tks!
  4. This is my exact problem. Using port forwarding, DMZ, reinstalling the game, changing regions. Nothing works. I am yet to try using a VPN but if that's what fixes it, why did it work fine a year ago? I made a support ticket about this over 3 months and it got marked as Solved without even a reply. Disgusting. I Have exactly the same problem, anyone knows how to solve that? Trendy, pls?
  5. You now have a starting ascension of 210. Upon reset, you gain +112 on your talent caps and another +126 starting ascension. So if you reset now, you start with 210+126=336 ascension :) sounds like a good point to reset to me! Oh! Very Nice. Thanks very much for the info! o/
  6. Hi Guys, i was wondering if its the right time to do my first reset for ancient power. but im little confused about my Min. Ascension Level after reset. I dont know if its gonna be 210 or if its gonna be 126 or maybe 210 + 126? can anyone help me to understand that? many thanks! https://imgur.com/CxUch98
  7. Prestige System and how Onslaught works its making the game annoying and repetitive and the game is even balanced. For me and others Veteran Defenders, Onslaught is just 114 floor for flairs. ( I Already beat it and quit). And even Flairs are not worth to this mindless grind on repetitive mode. There some ppl that beat floor 160 without reset, so ancient power is useless, hours and hours for 1% dmg, 0.5% range? Gold, Shards, Pets, Gears Reset? and just to increase your cap that you dont rly need on the hardest content ever? Also, the game must have a balance changes asap, there a a lot of tow
  8. Ok! Lets "Gate" the Idea. 10 levels of difference should be allowed to join and when finish temple, each one jump only ONE floor. so Basically: 1 - 10 10 - 20 20- 30 50-60 60-70 90-100 110-120 ... Or Allow us after Floor 55- 120 ( Because the gear drop is the same), and please if someone got DC'd, allow to reconnect. Cos if i got DC in last map, my friend need to quit, and we need to start all 3 maps again. Maybe a save progress each map would be awesome.
  9. i Think you dont understand the idea. Its not leech, he wont jump from 57 to 75 floor. we will climb just one floor, like me. The Exp, Loot and etc is so insignificant, i disagree that this will make a XP leech or something else. And theres not much difference between floors 57 and 75. Its not like my friend is a C1 gear and i play with him in C7. And if i want to play with my friends i always need to to everything all over again, just because i have more time than them? Unfair!
  10. Everyone knows that if im on floor 75, and my friend on 57, we cant play together. The only possible at the moment is if i return to floor 57 to play with him, but this thing just make the game more repetitive and exhausting. Suggestion: Allow us to play with our friends despite the floor we are. Example: Me in floor 75 and my Friend floor 57 are allowed to play together, the difficult will be the higher floor, but when we finish the floor, i ll go to 76 and my friend to 58. I think is a simple thing that make the game more social and "Multiplayer". cos right now, there are not vantages t
  11. Im Duo with a friend, we are currently in floor 75, just climbing for flairs, we are not interesting in reset, we only have 730 Ascension points and we dont want to lose this for 1 point ancient and 5% gold and get all of our gear, pets, shards resets. i can imagine people with 2k+. Pls Trendy, listen your players, make the game interesting not repetitive.
  12. Totally Agre!! Make the game interesting not repetitive!!
  13. Totally agree, its not interesting to play like 1h and 30 min to beat one floor, and if you lose for something, its will cost almost 3h to do it again. So Without Fail = 1h 30 min for ONE SINGLE FLOOR!! With Fail Once = Almost 3h! Not Fun At All!
  14. Agree! maybe the best option to solve that!
  15. Please Trendy! can you make just one bag for shards? we all know that we must have more than one shard copy. Like deadly strikes, power transfer, critical damage, atk rate... So , can you make a specific bag like the old "Seal" mode, just for shards? Thank You!
  16. My only concern about Siege Rollers is Why they instantly destroy traps, beams and auras? Its supose to be a Tower Defense Game, but every "ground" defense now is so useless against them. Make their consume more life and charges of Auras, Beams and Traps, but not just destroy everything in a second. I Think will be a very nice rebalancing.
  17. Why theres no Hero Skin 50% off this week? i thought it was one per week, every tuesday. If is not, i leave here my suggestion: 1-2 skins 50% off per week, every single week! Tks!
  18. Ty dude! Can u show the build for Mystic and Monk? im going to do both =D Why Monk is Better for Siege Rollers? Tks again!
  19. Ok Guys, so i wanna build another DPS hero! i already have a series EV2 and Gunwitch, but im thinking about to build a tank hero, personally i think Squire is trash. So which hero is better to build tank + damage? Monk, Mystic or Dryad? Ty o/
  20. Yeah, i know there are a plenty of topics about that, but i need to talk about it again! Trendy, please! you should put some love in the balance of the game, and im not talking about just the original 4 revamp or enemies revamp, im talking about almost everything. The new heroes are not balance as well, and im going to show you some examples: Lets start with the Original 4: Apprentice: Despite the Frost Tower and sometimes Arcane Barrier, he's totally useless. Squire: He was just the Blockade Guy, but with Mystic and Dryad, he is totally useless, sometimes we can use as a Tank, but sti
  21. Hey Guys i was wondering about Gunwitch builds, and i would like to know witch one do you think is the best build for her? 1 - Hero Dmg + Hero Crit - ( focusing auto atk) 2- Ability Power + Hero Crit - (Focusing skills and crit dmg auto) 3 - Hero Dmg + Ability Power - (Basically only skills + auto atk no crits) And what about her gear? Does Storm Gloves are still worth? Which Passives do you prefer? Tks
  22. Totally Agree! i also would like to add Bring Back Defense Speed back. Like in DD1 its so funny to make towers attack faster. The Defenses atm are so slowly! Look at the Flameburst Atk Spd is so slowly that makes me feel asleep.
  23. I miss the old powerful apprentice in DD1. But in DD2 it seems that the Apprentice Hero is just the FrostyBoy, and sometimes waller for 20DU. But the super power Mage that we played in DD1 is no longer exist. R.I.P Apprentice.
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