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  1. Well, there has been some Big changes to the game. A beta tester would have a little more info, but NDA prevent people mentioning what was said behind closed doors. I was also another Beta Key owner, but I'll try to keep with information that has been publicly revealed. Before Trendy went silent, The Videos that were last seen where from the MOBA, a Mode that isn't supported anymore. Given that they're keeping the Hero Models from the MOBA are being kept, or used as a basis. The footage of the MOBA used mainly DD1 Mobs. You'll need to Look on sites other than Trendy's own to find it, such a
  2. How exactly do you get a ps3 controller to work on pc? Since i prefer controller for DD i am switching to pc for DD2 You'll need to buy Bluetooth hardware.. and links I'm not sure if you will be able to use a pad at all for PVP, unless you use software to emulate a Mouse and keyboard.
  3. do you have to be 18+ edit:i know this sounds like a dumb qustion but whats a captoin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_caption It's basicly a line or two of text to go along with an image. As for the age limit of 18, you may need to be. As for why? I know several good reasons that I'd rather not say on a public forum. I'll post later for my caption.
  4. To date, the only Footage that I've seen is a montage about Co-op action. And that is the only video of possible Gameplay footage, it doesn't show any UI, which is often shown in gameplay footage. The only person outside Trendy who may have footage of any gameplay is Total Biscuit. According to his PAX Recap day 2, he has played it and got some footage, and going off his videos he's played quite a few MOBAs. As Pre-Alpha screen footage go.. DD2 looks brilliant, and I hope the game play is not bad.
  5. So the question I have is, since this is being platformed on multiple consoles, would I be able to download this from Android's Google Play if I made it into beta, or would I need to play on my web browser(and/or download)? I read in the FAQ that it will be available for iOS and Android, so I'm assuming that means mobile. I'd love to play this on my phone, if at all possible. Still psyched regardless. During the Closed Beta, I'd doubt they would place the game in the iTunes store/Google play Store at first. Most Android Devices will allow programs from other places. All you need to k
  6. TotalBiscuit's DD2 Impressions: http://youtu.be/Z6ciVD8laME?t=6m53s (About 7 mins in, for 1 min.) TotalBiscuit compares DD2 to Smite, and provides some info about Presumably "in Match" Purchasable items. He states No Equips. Oh, I'm not sure about all but a certain Class names, "The Tank" doesn't feel right for class name.
  7. I think Steam workshop support won't be available, if it is not on Steam. Since Trendy have said as it currently stands it's not going to be on Steam, at least until after Trendy speak to Valve at GDC.
  8. Also, found this on tweeter. Look at the controls! http://instagram.com/p/XLBH0LsLyh/ Enter overhead mode/ can't read (kinda new!) "While targeting" I think. Bound to space or shift.
  9. Yeahh. Will be up in an hour or two :3 Check you their twitter for some images of game play
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=614yUkKlof8 NOT RICKROLL It's real, They've just uploaded it/Made Public a few moments ago.
  11. I think it is a visual bug relating to the calculations it uses to determine dps. Your dps is not actually negative but you will not have a way to tell exactly how much damage you are dealing per second. Indeed, it is. It's a limit of the 32-bit Calculator. The computer mistakenly thinks is a negative instead. You exceed 2,147,483,647. Computers use binary and read 2,147,483,647, as 111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111. For Minus numbers the first few digits are swapped to 1. If you want to have 2,147,483,648 it is appears as 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000. The computer mistak
  12. Most people who've signed up for the Beta are most likey to be DD1 fans. And I think most of the more well known issue with DD1 will be repeated mentioned as a bug, when it re-appears.
  13. One thing I forgot to mention. Many laptops and certain motherboards with on-board Graphics, "cheat" and use the a fraction of the Main memory as dedicated Video Memory. These Graphic "cards" generally have trouble playing games. This is fine for many "office" applications. Building you own PC can be "cheaper" in the long run, as you can put components to the next PC. My most Recent Purchase was a Harddisk and a Graphics card, to replace that I had already. My old Graphics card was added to my old PC, while my Harddisk had been in the last two, purely as I was just using for extra disk spa
  14. I have no clue how this game will turn, hell I don't know anything about the game play mechanics of this game or its implications, anybody here willing to enlighten me about how the stat system would work and what not? Actually, in about 18 hours your questions may be answered, as Trendy will show of the first lot of game play footage. But until then your guess is good as mine.
  15. Hmm, I see your point, guess I should look into on what DD2 would be like since I have not seen any news or concrete visuals on what the game play will be;was assuming that it would be like DD1 but with a lot more content. Well, the first people who maybe able to allowed to comment on actual Gameplay will be at PAX.
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