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  1. Why are you having hope? With this game you should expect to be let down.
  2. They also nerfed all our gear that we spent hours grinding for. Look at how many people are playing the ps4 version now. Numbers dropped off by a ton.
  3. If you play this game and you dont think every patch will break something your insane. Every patch every hotfix breaks things. They dont even realize it until people spam the forums. Look at the gear, its been over a month no fix on passives.
  4. And they cant even a post saying we are looking into it.
  5. Also for the record I would assume we all have multiple friends that own a ps4 and enjoy playing games. Who would honestly tell there friend to PAY for any version of this buggy game.
  6. Just look at the average time it takes for a game to start development before its on the market. Now look at the time it has been since Trendy put this game on the ps4. Now look at when they put the game on the PC. They clearly have no idea what they are doing, this isnt even a AAA game and they want a year for alpha? The reason why the always go back to the excuse of this is an alpha game is because they take money for a product that isnt worth a dime. I crashed 3 times in a game today. But hey they deserve money for costumes..... which by the way they always get those out on time just not a
  7. Except 10% archer damage still drops. And all the gear got reset to 8%.
  8. Its not just the money its the fact they cant even reply to this question which has been asked for 3 weeks. Its pretty simple yes or no. The real answer I would guess is they have no idea.
  9. Ungrateful? We all paid for a game. Once they took the money we can state our thoughts on the game. Also your grammar makes mine look good so thanks for that.
  10. Every thing is broken, but they fixed the inventory so thats nice.
  11. You broke every single passive I would be mad but I cant stop laughing.
  12. This is the most hilarious attempt at an update. I didnt think you could out do your previous work. But I underestimated you greatly and I apologize. I heard of clash of clans is hiring devs and you all should apply because you cant get one, I repeat ONE update without there being massive glitches. 'Slow clap'
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