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  1. "When? We are working with Microsoft to target a Q1 2021 launch for the Xbox. " Still haven't learned from your mistakes? . Do not give a release window, because you will most likely not be able to meet that time frame....which is 90% of what got players mad at you guys in the first place. Do not give a release time, until you know an actual date, for a fact, that it will be released. Just some advice. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love the first Dungeon Defenders. I played it on PS3 and it's easily in my top 20 games of all-time (not that I have an actual list), and I've been gaming since Atari. So that's a lot of games I've played. DD2, I didn't like so much (microtransactions ruined it). I was excited when I learned you were making DD Awakened (with no microtransactions).....then I learned it's basically a glorified version of the first DD. It didn't turn me off from wanting to play it, but it certainly look A LOT of the excitement out of it. I'm still very much looking forward to playing it though. And even though DD Awakened most likely won't be out on Playstation for another year or so, I'm still holding out hope for DD3 down the road someday. DD3, I completely new DD game, with all new maps, weapons, etc. with no microtransactions. I realize something like that would be like 5-10 years down the road lol. Also, some more advice: I can promise that DD fans aren't as angry with you guys as gamers were with Hello Games and that whole No Man's Sky nonsense..... and yet nearly everybody loves Hello Games now, for their efforts and dedication (post-launch) to the game and making up for their mistakes. Please learn from Hello Games, and once you do fully release DDA for consoles.... do everything in your power to earn back our trust, because No Man's Sky PROVES that you can (if you handle the situation correctly) earn trust back from gamers. :)
  2. I suggest doing maintenance at 4am eastern time (1am pacific.... like other game devs do) for the couple of hours they usually do it. Today was already the THIRD day my wife and I woke up and could not play DD2. I know, 3 days....what a shame, right? What will i ever do? Well, that's 3 days in the past 9 days. That's 33% of the time. Not to mention all the times we can't get connected due to high traffic or other issues (which has been very often). I would honestly say that about 50%-60% of the time i start up DD2, i cannot play it. I just don't understand why they do maintenance right at the time when a lot of people are getting up... it makes no sense. I thought the ENTIRE point of this game coming out 2 years ago, and then finally becoming F2P was because they were waiting until it was ready and "finished". It's not even close to finished. It's unplayable half of the time :/
  3. The reason I'm replying to this old thread is because I googled this problem I was having and this was the first link that showed up. I'm having this same problem A LOT... i beat a map (or sometimes when i first start up the game) and can't continue to the next map... it kicks me out to the main menu and it takes me 20-40min to get back to any tavern. Every time i tried to load up a tavern or continue campaign, it just keeps me on the main menu. I notice this thread was made 1 1/2 years ago...... what has Trendy been doing this whole time and why did they release the Free-To-Play version when the game isn't finished/fixed?? My guess is that the sales started slowing down for all the early access versions, so Trendy decided to go ahead and finally release f2p. Anyway, how this is STILL HAPPENING over a whole year later?!?! Get your stuff together Trendy!
  4. Ahhhh, so basically the game will eventually become Free to play (i know not for a while though)? But for now the devs need money to continue development of the game? So the game is in pre-alpha stage (for Ps4) and to gain access to the pre-alpha stage people need to pay the amount they are charging for it?
  5. Thank You for your reply.... I appreciate the friendly response too :)
  6. Sorry I dont know how to edit my post. I just wanted to apologize if i posted this in the wrong section.
  7. Ok, so Dungeon Defenders 2 just came out for ps4, so there will probably be a flood of playstation users coming here lol. I'm confused about the packs. There is a Starter Pack, Defender's Pack and Collector's edition pack. I've read the description and I see all the content included for each pack, and I'm sure the most expensive pack is the "best value". From my understanding this is a beta?? Why does it cost money? And if i buy one of these packs, do i automatically get the full game when it's released? Or IS this the full game already? And what's with the "Pre-Alpha" thing? I'm not sure what "Alpha" even is. Also on a side note, is this game worth getting, with the microtransactions? You know how some games become unplayable unless you purchase microtransactions. Is this one of those kind of games? And i was assuming the Collector's Edition is the best value, am i right? The costumes, accessories, and extra gems don't seem worth an extra $40. What is "Dragonfall Defender" title? And what does 2 additional hero slots implement? Sorry so much confusion on my end, ive tried finding information for most of this stuff, but to no avail. Thanks for any clarification from anybody :)
  8. Is there any other way of getting the Giraffe without surviving 30 waves? I know there probably isn't, but I was on wave 21 (going very strong) and my game crashed/froze :( after a lot of lagging (I was playing offline too). If there isn't an alternative to getting the Giraffe, I hope Trendy comes out with a patch or something that gives players an alternative, cause I've heard of people taking 15-30 hours to beat 30 waves. It's never a good idea to keep electronics on for that long. And also, I don't want to go after the Giraffe again and get to like wave 28 or something and have it crash again. Sorry if someone already asked this or posted it. Thanks.
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