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  1. Hi I play DD2 on PS4 and really enjoy the game. I have a couple of small suggestions that would make this game more enjoyable. 1. When inspecting towers - shorten big numbers to abbreviated numbers E.G 1,000,000 becomes 1.0M 2. When locking items the stay locked until you unlock them even if you change area 3. Make a private match private even through a community 4. Make it so if you're in the bonuses that you get a lengendery chest each time. Getting a blue chest on the last bonus especially isn't how it should work 5. Make the dragolitch a transformable dragon egg pet. 6. Pet skins. 7. Re-
  2. I love the game but a few tweeks would make a big difference. I have listed a few things that would make the game so much better 1. Sell all button at the scavenger 2. When you lock an item in your inventory it stays locked even when you leave an area 3. Change the action button. So you don't pick up items or activate a trap when trying to jump. 4. A separate inventory to keep stuff that you don't want to sell but keeping for other reasons. 5. Able to add more points per click in the stats menu 6. Ability to put smaller spheres into larger spheres slots. Any can fit unless it's bigger than the
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