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  1. it has been fixed by turning off antivirus!
  2. so yesterday I had this pop up when trying to start DDA: So I did the usual trouble shooting of verifying game files: However it wasn't able to reacquire the file so the game just was in the download tab and trying to start it instantly sent it back with DISK WRITE ERROR message: Yesterday I reinstalled the game and that fixed it, today it happened again but wont finish the reinstall and gives the same disk write error prompt. Unsure if what to do now :/
  4. Love the traps! I can't wait to play the new maps, and probably fall to my doom a few times. Looking forward to the game, though a little more communication would be nice :)
  5. Actually it doesn't state they rotate anywhere, they will unlock over time, meaning Prime I and II this week, and just +1 every other week. Meaning that in 11 weeks we'll have access to all of them.
  6. is that the final Eternia Crystal design? it's a bit edgy imo rest of everything looks amazing, got nostalgic on the Alchemical Labs so that's good
  7. What he said Best of luck to you guys!
  8. see all the new junk you need to sell So just the recent items screen then? the last "bag" that isn't the DefPacks...
  9. you are getting more loot so yes, chances of getting a 10/10 increases. As on if it's fair? No, it's not (in my opinion of course) because it gives those players a pretty big advantage. It's a lot easier to do on Console than PC btw
  10. oh yeah. 1000 hours of playing the game and being in the wikiteam definitely didn't teach me anything about the game, my bad. (and yes I know that Fire DMG does double damage against frost, but I said Auras, not Flame auras. Flame Auras are an exception on most auras, traps and nodes against Cy-Frost. The only reason FAs + WM can be used against Cy-frost on higher floors is because of the stun, otherwise they'd get through.)
  11. idk, doesn't sound that insane to me... actually gives an incentive to replay that map after the update and keep it have that special feeling of Ooooooooooh Shinyyyyyy when something new drops
  12. It is required!! except you don't play onslaught I mean I would agree except for the fact that I went from 58-74 last night and even accidentally used a campaign relic on one of my defenses from 63-74 and was still not having any issues xD I went from 64 to 90 in the last week, without any Tenacity on any relic I have, just using different towers works. That's the whole reason for onslaught's randomness and mutators.
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