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  1. Love the traps! I can't wait to play the new maps, and probably fall to my doom a few times. Looking forward to the game, though a little more communication would be nice :)
  2. it's only a pre-beta update, there is nothing to play yet for anyone, it'll just be information on the game and hopefully a release date
  3. One of CG (I think kyle) stated before that it'll be between 2 weeks and 2 months, I know that that is quite a difference, but it's something at least.
  4. p sure they said they were on track for early November, I'd say it's within the first week then -2!
  5. from the last Devstream: Beta in Early November Release in February 2020 Release will have a console exclusive for Switch, so Xbox and PS4 will get it 2 weeks to 2 months later. Pc isn't a console so will get it at the same time as Switch.
  6. Actually it doesn't state they rotate anywhere, they will unlock over time, meaning Prime I and II this week, and just +1 every other week. Meaning that in 11 weeks we'll have access to all of them.
  7. this is what I'm thinking too, of course there will probably be some money involved, but not enough to get through all those stretch goals.
  8. 2 things to say 1. I totally agree that the Xbox and PS4 backers should get something in return, CG didn't plan on the timed exclusive, but they can handle it better. However, it can't be anything exclusive to PS4 or Xbox, since cross-saves will kinda ruin that exclusivity, that or it'd be hell to program to make it available on PS4/Xbox but disabled on PC and Switch. 2. Communication. Yes they could have definitely handled that better, but better late than never right? They have the best interest at heart for the game and the players, communication is a difficult thing, especially since a lot of things they want to tell us they either can't because of an NDA with Nintendo about the timed-exclusive, or just don't know yet (for example: people asking how long the timed exclusive will be, a CG member has stated that higher-ups are still figuring that out, that's a lot of back and forth with Nintendo I'd think). surprise third point. Don't forget to love each other. We are a community, you can be mad sure, but please keep everything civil and respectful. CG are only humans too and as much part of this community as we are, neither can exist without the other.
  9. is that the final Eternia Crystal design? it's a bit edgy imo rest of everything looks amazing, got nostalgic on the Alchemical Labs so that's good
  10. not for Beta, that's Early November
  11. Christmas is coming early this year!!
  12. If you think it's so easy go code it yourself and make it a present to them, there's a lot to think about on how to make them un-exploitable.
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