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  1. I'd say the same as the above 2 posts but that doesn't help. Could you maybe post some screenshots of what you mean? As far as we know DD1 had just as much freedom of placement as DD2 does: everywhere that isn't obstructed. (A video would be even better, but I think screenshots will do and they are much easier to make)
  3. and that's why were in Beta :P, CG now (hopefully) sees that Ogres (and difficulty in general probably) need to be balanced, better Melee AI, lesser Snot throwing/damage/aoe/anything
  4. that I have different experiences with, they do sometimes still aim at me from across the map, I just need to be on a path it seems, then they can find a way to me and they target me. For example, I was standing by the most left spawn in Lava Mines, 2 ogres spawned on the Right most spawn, I shot at them and they threw snot at me, across the map.
  5. He means the post I think :P It's this post: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/166947-pre-order-now-has-more-editions-how-can-i-upgrade-my-purchase/
  6. posted too quickly, nvm what I just said, it's already been handled
  7. It's a CONSOLE exclusive, so PC and Switch will be available at launch, PS4 and Xbox will follow 2 weeks to 2 months after
  8. I try to do that too, but I play a lot of solo, when multiple spawn it's difficult, and even when I do aggro them they sometimes still throw snot at towers
  9. Heya, lag could definitely be caused by your PC, but the game isn't optimized right now. On release it'll be smoother, you could check the Recommended and Minimum Hardware requirements in steam tho if you're uncertain. You can change your code by going to your mail, looking for the word "Survey", go to the mail from CG and there you can "Update Your Answers" if you scroll down a bit.
  10. well timed exclusivity wasn't really their mistake, the contract with Nintendo was a must-have, it means better support for the Switch and better support in problem solving. The exclusivity isn't that long either. 2 Weeks to 2 Months. for the rest... yeah. They didn't mean to do things like that, but that's the way it happened.
  11. So, I think we've all felt a bit bs'ed by some ogre snot shots. They reach over the entire map and basically focus Deadly Strikes towers if you have any. Where they are thrown seems quite random, sometimes to towers on the lane, sometimes to other lanes. They have quite a big AoE which just seems unfair. I try to place my towers strategically so they won't be hit by enemies like the Archer or Mage, most of the time that works, but the Ogre being able to target them from across the map just feels wrong, especially on later Survival waves where they can be 2 shotted by Snot. I don't want to waste the small amounts of mana I'm getting on repairing a DS or FB tower for 20 mana because some ogre decided it would be fun to aim at something on another lane, miles away. What are some experiences you guys have had?
  12. luuk_111


    Well you can report bugs here: https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics The pets with no stats is a chance thing, I hope it's a bug, but they do drop with stats sometimes.
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