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  1. i am i man of honor i did ofc build, with the mana left after he dumped it on me over a cliff and some went into the abyss :D
  2. God no dont hide gear or asc.... how else am i gonna make the peasants play mana tag with me to get me to build with my awesomeness??? what is mana tag u ask? i create a new public map, skip the warmup get the mana and drop it all at spawn, when some1 joins they get the option to build themself or catch me and dump the mana onto me then ill build. have been jumping around with a guy chasing me for up to 10 mins :D
  3. u have misread, it had only the option to make gold and exp events.
  4. skyguards have so "issues" right now, i often see them not attacking kobolts. Seems they also need line of sight to attack anything, have been fighting assasins right beneeth a skyguard but it dident attack it. i have maby lost 50k dps on my skyguard witch i can feel, and im prolly better off using somthing else for AA in the future.
  5. well now everyone should understand why i rated so many defenses useless. there is always sth rlly broken after such a patch. sandstorm warrior is a C4 shard so yeah. i will make a vid with a build. so stupid op well i gave it a go and my knight spam only critted for 500mill :D
  6. well im sure there are plenty of help to be found on the dd2 discord
  7. What server? what timezone? whats the normal play time for u? are the first questions that pops into my mind
  8. Unfortunately conversations normally go like the following when trying to explain something someone doesnt want to hear: well actually its more like this when i try to tell some1 that they are in the wrong tier
  9. this is nothing new its been going on for a really long time, and alot have been okay with it, now the problem is that leaches can actually make it imposible to complete maps if your not in really good gear already. There is no system in place to prevent them from joining at all, there is no way you can stop a pair of low lvl players from being in a match cos they cant be kicked if they dont vote. This was also a problem before the patch but not as bad as it is now since we could set a iPwr minimum to join our games, sadly that is now gone so its free for all again. I play alot of public matches in c1-c4 common for them all is that you see players that isent in the correct chaos lvl for the gear they got, you can try to tell them but most often they dont care or dont understand what you try to explain them.
  10. you did not use enough walls........ you have to use more walls... if that dident help you did not use enough walls.
  11. at first i had HUGE problems with the assasins, i hated those things. Now i just laugh as they die :D the most important thing you need to be able to handle these assasins are CC. i recomend sharpend spike on squire blokades, cannonball stun, viperfangs, and the frosty instafreeze them if you got empowered frosty shard(this seems like a bug but at least it dosent instakill anymore). If you have problems surviving try putting down a mystic serpent coil, to get those yummy hp balls you can fill up on even when silenced. at first you need to amp up your HP later when you get used to handle the assasins you can tone it down again and go more dps.
  12. I want to say ur wrong, and the ONLY reason i wasent able to break into c5 before i did wasent because of me trying to do it with low c4 gear, bad builds, bad shards, but purely due to assasins perma silence, not being able to build enough defences. But the truth is, i had sub par gear, wasent building verry well and i had gimped myself in regards to shards and limited my dps. to answer this question before you ask: NO it wasent around when i broke into C5. it was pure horror at first, i went back down into c4 grinded myself better gear, went to c1-4 got some key shards that made my tower Dps ALOT better, looked at streamers, saw how they did it, looked at youtube videos, found a mix that worked with the gear, shards, heroes i had and cleared first 3 waves over and over till i got gear drops and so forth till i fully cleared it. i was quick to jump the gun on this one and call the assasins overpowered. they are not you just need to be ready for them, get the cc out and the stuns ready, it helps ALOT. Also some maps are easyer to build than others i would say sewers is the easyest, then LHV.
  13. DO NOT TOUCH Geodes. they generate these type of posts and they are just far too fun to read :D ALSO ill just drop a small challenge here: make me a 1h long highlight video of public games in C3-C4 lost due to "mistakes" using projectile skills and weapons.
  14. im using AL right click without charging it :) works like a charm for me.
  15. thats some game Breaking guide u came up with there.... hope it dosent get nerfed. it took me from zero to hero in almost no time.
  16. wow just wow.... dang.... kk thats it im off to lock my pets... feel really sorry for you and hope they will help you restoring those pets. On a side note i havent had any word from my own ticket when my def rate shard vanished after unequiping it using the unequip all button, this was over a week ago so i gess they have alot to do in ther support atm so might take a while ;)
  17. sry to say but i do not like kittens, puppyes, dolphins or any other baby animal u might think of.... so i will instead wait for the countdown to reach 2 seconds then press tavern.
  18. okay this error i get very often when playing on EU, switched my region to US and it stopped. Switched back to EU today and gess what its back again :D so ya gonna go back to US again.
  19. i was so lucky that 2 hours before this weeks patch i finally got to a point where i could clear first 3 waves of c5 solo so i could start getting some gear..... now im stuck back at wave 1 again :D dono how to best describe the feeling i get while playing the game being unable to do anything to help out my struggeling defences. so i gess im back to c4 doing runs till i hit assencion lvl 300+ apparentlly everything gets too easy once you hit that :D
  20. well title says it all.... right now im more or less forced to play alone, if i join a public game 90% of the players who joins are leachers who do nothing but make the game harder. Since i have no friends im forced to be forever alone.... please trendy save me.... Dont make me play all day alone, i play to forget that i have no friends.....
  21. Zimmermann.... you are my new hero, just hope trendy will release you before the barbarian, but im sure the odds are in my favor :D
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