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  1. some things I think need rebalanced is the trigger range of the fire and gas traps, sure it seems fair to have same size for both the gas and fire, but it happens that the gas traps gets triggered before fire and that is annoying. Last the Ethereal Spike Traps damage needs a small nerf to it's dmg. -i like that you are making apprentice towers a thing again
  2. -i've played on the beta abit and it looks great so far, but i am not sure if it is my connection or not that sometimes i start to build a map and when i press start/g, i get kicked from my own game. this have happen to me a few times in the last days. - i realy like the new light over the items -it were going to be a new pet from survival MB, but it wasnt. havnt u added this yet or is it a bug?
  3. i accept: coal 1:6 cubes. I will leave this up for 5-7 days depending on interest this item is ic checked by acen, https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=498 the item has a hidden reserve here is the pic: https://gyazo.com/e0735f5edb2240edd24997f6163a52cf
  4. IC on this rift please https://gyazo.com/c4b82d5a0289f0fe42fae4f7a48ce56b thnx
  5. IC on this helmet pls :) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/499148155493557352/28DA17DE4AF8975C43826E865C2A0EC9C89C5F84/
  6. rainmaker : http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/499147520066878987/55985799758AEC0C823FEACE1507DC61AE773462/ calvary: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/499147520066958270/BD8E33834E22B2D0888EBFB11EEBCB064A589CD4/ me and thabully teamworked on the rainmaker
  7. https://gyazo.com/a89b7d7ab1029876ee403969c399f01e https://gyazo.com/d8f6c7e52f06ac4ef8c5d585a99da341
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