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  1. You guyes talking about the shard packs you can get for 500 medals or the ones for gems? Arent they just random as well or are the chances maybe higher? I never tried those, because I thought its basically the same chance, but it sounds like the chances might be higher
  2. I have been farming c3 for weeks now and havent seen any Deadly Strike shard so far. Even farming Defense Rate shard in c4 is more reliable. Beeing a c4 player aka ascensions points below 210, it makes progression so much slower. I could probably even ignore it and progress further without it, I just dont want to. Its defenetly a great shard for early players and its a great shard to play around with. I just dont see why the hell the droprate is so freaking low. There is just no good reason for it. This shard would really help me progress into c5 with the increased range on flamethrowers. Thi
  3. Low Level players were promised a closer gap in chaoes content, like early c5 gear dropping at the end of c4. This gap diddent close, it hase widened. From c1 - c7, old gear tends to be better overall. Its hard to progress into c5, when your blue medallion with only 2 slots is better then a legendary medallion with 3 slots. Since everyone is reporting that loot situation diddent get any better, we just have to wait for them to find out, what the f happened. Also the lack of incursion or anything right now, which can keep a c7 player busy is a complet no go in a game, which is about grinding.
  4. guess I have to buy Dragonlich Egg, thx.
  5. Does this combo work if you use a dragonlich, then hero swap and use this combo in the 5 second window? Sorry cant try myself, Y-sold my pet bag...
  6. All my gear is upgraded so I get better loot drops. If you drop a weapon with the same dmg as your current maxed weapon, then its obviously an upgrade. This just issent always the case, I have invested thousends of gold into items, which in the end werent much of an upgrade or even woerse then my current gear. In the upgrade window, we should be seeing the max stats of an item bevor we invest our gold or medals. This is even more important with the loot update on tuesday. Plz give this thread a like, so TRENDY will notice, thx
  7. This might not be an issue on lower levels, but I litterly loose all my onslaughts because of flying Kobolds. I dont loose because the health of the mobs get so high that my towers cant handle anymore. It feels really random to deal with flying kobolds right now. The issue in my oppinion is when Bosses and flying kobolds show up at the same time. It seems bosses have a higher priority then flying kobolds. So instead of my archers fokussing down the kobold, I usually always have a few archers shooting the kobolt and the rest are shooting the boss. Long story short, kobolds gets triggered an
  8. So after the changes to the Loot System, we have 75% dropchances for our active Hero and 25% for the passive Heros in our deck. I think the changes were needed and now we are able to choose the Hero we want to farm gear for. Since this game is all about improving gear and progressing further and further through content, I find myself stuck at trying to farm gear for my builder Heroes more and more often. This is because finding gear for your DPS Hero is quiet easy and you also have a easier time finishing maps if you actively play a DPS Hero(killing bosses). Once your DPS Hero is geared, y
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