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  1. This is a good point. It'd be really awesome if the other classes got buffs, rather than the AL getting nerfed. I still think that the cone of the archers are a little too generously spread for what they're meant to be. They have almost a full 360 degree fire radius (Maybe roughly 270 degrees in all?), and can cover two directions simultaneously. This combined with the damage they put out is really bonkers. On the other hand! Many of the maps have so many awkward slopes and angles that the archers would be very difficult to use 'properly' if they were nerfed down. I'm noticing that there aren't that many good spots to place them on many of the maps. It's more efficient to hoard them around the crystal than it is to try and position them strategically around the map. So, more buffs! Less nerfs! Yay!
  2. I'm honestly a little concerned about the price model. Not because I wouldn't spend money on the game, but because they're, in my opinion, using the wrong kind of approach. This game was originally intended to be a Moba/Tower Defense hybrid monster child from the abyss. Well, they booted the Moba aspect of it, something I'm not too sad about. However, they appear to be keeping the same selling method as a moba. I don't think this will work in their favor for the reason following. In a Moba, there was a reason to own every single character. It gives you an opportunity to learn them, thus giving you a competitive edge. Mobas are a competition, and knowing what you're playing against often means playing it yourself. Also, mobas are all about the next new competitive character that's released, incentivizing tons of people to buy the character right out the gate with the hopes of learning how it works, hopefully mastering it and developing the next big game strategy for that character. Well, DD2 doesn't have that. There's no competition. If you get a new character, it's the same experience every time, just with a slightly different play style. This is a problem! The value of a character in DD2 will not be held up to the standards of a character in an everyday Moba as a result. If players find a set strategy that works, they're going to stick to it. Farming tokens is really no big deal in DD2, and why spend money on a character when you won't even be able to use them immediately anyhow? You'll be stuck leveling someone from 1-50 and getting them geared up for the time you actually unite them with your roster. The payout of a new character isn't quite the same as it is in a moba. I admit, I spent some of my founders gems on mister summoner C'thulhu, and I love him, to the point that I haven't even bothered to play any other character. The value of their next release is minimal, simply because I could just play as my favorite character and use him to farm tokens. Why spend money on a character I'm probably going to rotate out for the next release anyhow? This game just isn't the moba it was intended to be, which makes me question their choice in price model. But hey, if it does work for the game, more power to the dev team. Mobas make a lot of money with their methods. Maybe DD2 will, too.
  3. I do agree with most of what was mentioned. However, I do like the hero deck system. In DD, playing with friends was something I enjoyed doing. However, when one of my friends had every character pretty much capped out, that was it. There was no point for any of us to play a copy of said character, because said friend could just switch between heroes and perform a full trap layout. The element of teamwork was stripped away by this. The rest of us pretty much played DPS characters as defense duty rested on that one player. Hero decks theoretically would force a team of players to coordinate their trap set ups, leveling different characters and working together as a team to have an optimal layout. While it's more restrictive from a soloing standpoint, it actually adds more to diversity in multiplayer. This is something I do appreciate with the new system.
  4. I figured this to be the case. I just don't see the point in limiting options in situations where such isn't even necessary. This also rides on the likelyhood that another player is playing an abyss lord with a turret build, which as time goes on, will become progressively less likely as more heroes are added to the pool. Of course, you could level two abyss lords for both purposes. That'd certainly be a way to make it work if it was changed to be 100% ability power. But, I still think it's fine as is. I can use it without feeling like I'm wasting mana, and someone who stacks heavy ability power can use it and feel awesome. It's a win win for the both of us. I do think it should certainly have a much greater bonus from ability power than defense power. Since ability power can stack to be much higher, they could certainly have it taper off later on. Have defense power provide enough to make it feel like it's doing something useful, then have ability power turn it into something that is amazing. I can certainly understand the need to have ability power contribute more to the ability, as it is an ability after all, but I don't think ability power should be the only determining factor in how useful it is. I'm sure a little math would allow for both stats to contribute in their own ways without making it blatantly overpowered down the road.
  5. I agree that the archers are a bit much. If they are nerfed, I would be fine with it, as long as they aren't reduced to a useless pile of bones. I don't agree that direct command should scale wholly on ability power. They are turrets. This means you will generally have turret stats to have them in play. Why? Because if you build them in a game where someone else who DOES have turret stats are placing turrets, they're going to look at you like you're an idiot, then demand you sell the turret and let them use the turret points. Because in their eyes, your one active ability which you'll occasionally use is meaningless. Having this ability tailored to turret builds also means that people who have turret builds will actually use it. Otherwise you're stuck in a situation where someone who doesn't have turret stats have a useless ability because they have no turrets, and someone who does have turret stats have a useless ability because they have turret stats. This is not fun at all.
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