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  1. Great, thank you for the informative reply Xal
  2. Is there a source on this? I have a pet with double hero power and notice it increases on my characters stat sheet by more than the total of the amounts listed on the pet.
  3. Lol is there anyone who didn't enjoy it? Yes please do it again.
  4. Lol I just did the EXACT same thing. I prepurchased and hit 30 and am so upset with the state of that game right now. Came back to DD2 and am loving it, except the nm3 - 4 gap.
  5. Yes PLEASE. There is already an option to skip cutscenes you have already seen though, it's on the general options page in the bottom right. This hasn't worked for me. I ticked the box but all cutscenes still play when farming harb
  6. I'm curious if there are notoriously OP Huntress weapons that can only be found on a specific map, etc.? I'm working on my DPS build and I'm not finding one that does the damage I would expect at higher levels. What should I be aiming for?
  7. As soon as I mouse over below Pet Eggs the menu disappears and I can't select anything below it. Edit: I realize this is in windowed mode but happens in both.
  8. I play full screen windowed at both 1080 and 1440 and have these troubles. I will provide screenshots when I get home.
  9. Currently they are very hard to keep track off when shooting into a group of monsters. Also they are off and aim too high. This is very noticeable with Phoenix shot as it will always go low when aiming distant.
  10. When trying to set my auto collect to the bottom items on the filter menu like pet items, etc. the menu rolls back up when I attempt to mouseover that low. A similar thing happens when trying to set resolution higher than 1440 as the bottom of the menu is below the screen.
  11. I have noticed this as well. It's very noticeably off especially when using piercing shot. Also it's hard to see when aiming into a group of mobs with numbers flying everywhere.
  12. When I try to select 4k resolution I'm unable to because the bottom of the drop down resolution menu is below my screen. How can I work around this?
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