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  1. Hello Defenders i wanna auction my Magicite :) Trace will be given to winning bid I reserve the right not to sell the item if I am not satisfied with the final bid. i accept: Coal 6:1 Cubes Diamonds 3/9/14 Events: Ask and i price them :) so gl and happy bidding guys <3 End Date is the 5th of november Bid: Darkdasher (90cv)
  2. MkL

    WTS Diamonds

    Hey i want to sell 5non cap diamonds for cubes if any interested add me on steam :)
  3. And end Date is the 15th october
  4. I prefer to sell the full set but make me an offer for the pets or acc on the armor are 20cv bid
  5. MkL

    WTB LabRuns

    hey guys if anyone intereted add me pls on steam :)
  6. Thx for the offer updated 20cv Set
  7. Bump Info i sell this set +pets and acc my reserve are min 40cv :)
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