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  1. auction ended tony wins with 9cv for the drill :)
  2. auction ended dark won the auction magi go to dark for 120cv
  3. ok auction ends in 5hours :)
  4. 3 hours left reserve doenst met so i think i will close the auction
  5. Hello defenders i want to auction thi ult++chest :) it droped from an ogre on kingsgame :D 11 cv oli i accept: Coal 6:1 Cubes Diamonds 3/9/14 Events: Ask IC: passes So gl and happy bidding :) End Date 12/11/16
  6. Where you get all your cv? :D
  7. You did not updated the CO, is there any reason, or you just didnt saw my offer? Sry :D updated
  8. ofc :) so IC : https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/see-comment?scrollTo=1249922&page=527#1249922
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