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  1. End dae added on the 10th december and bump :)
  2. harry4550 Today at 4:12 AM Assuming those are enchanted lucky then unlucky they are all possible.
  3. MkL

    Item Check Thread

    IC pls :) 1#LeatherGloves http://i.imgur.com/TIXSNma.png 2#LeatherHelmet http://i.imgur.com/LeHyULP.png 3#ChainChest http://i.imgur.com/jwQdA3r.png
  4. y sure ofc :) and ty for first bid
  5. Hello Defenders i want to auction some of my ult gear all items are farmed by me! Items have no reserve so they will be sold! IC passes 1#LeatherGloves http://i.imgur.com/TIXSNma.png 9cv kiwi 2#LeatherHelmet http://i.imgur.com/LeHyULP.png 1cv cheddah 3#ChainChest http://i.imgur.com/jwQdA3r.png if you want an IC i will Ic them :) so happy bidding guys End date: 10th December
  6. Link See Profile but I can add you :)
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