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  1. Hello Defenders, i found this beatiful Ult++ Helmet on a moonbase run and now i want to auction it IC: looks possible I accept : Coal 6:1 with a max of 10cv Cubes Diamonds 4/10/15 Events: ask and i will price then Bid 20cv Killing :) End date is the 30th Jul Item have a hiddne reserve Happy bidding guys :)
  2. 6cv on the boots cap one
  3. the last bid extend the auction for 12hours
  4. Hello Defenders i want to auction this piece that i found on a KG run :) Item have a hidden resvere ^^ IC: passes 15cv Killing I accept: - Cubes - Coal - Diamonds 4/10/15 - Events: Ask Happy bidding guys :) End date is 20/12/16
  5. Ends in 10hours last bid will extend the auction for 12hours
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