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  1. That is a made up acronym that just happens to coincide. Meta is a latin prefix, that means "goal" or "pillar". Obviously latin has existed longer then MOBAs, but the term "metagame" has existed longer then even computers have, used to describe people in roleplays who play an unbeatable role and/or who always comes up with some reason why their character is the best/always wins/never gets hit/etc. And I know about the goblin tank. The game needs to refine it's current enemies in addition to adding new ones. I feel that enemies should get more abilities as the difficulty gets higher, not just pumped up with more HP. As for complexity, I'd like to see mobs gain abilities as the difficulty ramped up. I made some suggestions in my OP, but I'll rehash them here. The idea is, that maybe at, say NM2 they gain these abilities, since NM2 is a barely noticeable increase above NM1. Horde Instinct: Goblins get 1% bonus damage for every living ally near them. Big Brother: The heavy, armored orcs have more HP, and will draw aggro of defenses nearby. Any defense types they can't draw aggro of (like traps) they will just take 50% of the damage their allies would. (if in range). Infiltrator: The female orcs can throw an electric net, temporarily disabling one defense, possibly more then one if they're too clustered together?
  2. This is a lot similar to the issues and thoughts I share as well, my post on the subject is here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/133888/major-faults-and-grievances-with-this-game-that-should-be-addressed
  3. Your definition of meta is so incorrect, that I feel I have to go out of my way to single it out and correct you, as well. That is not what a meta is. A metagame is a level of power reached by players that should not have been able to be reached by them, usually by design insight, rarely by exploit/glitch. It changes the way the game is played by those who use it, but is far above and beyond what is necessary to play a game. They are usually the opposite of mainstream, DD2's meta is just mainstream because it's literally the only way. Mind you, not the only way to play/win. The only way to meta. IT is the only ridiculously overpowered combination of abilities. It is also simple, and in no way complex or hidden, like most metas are. Two good examples of metas in games: World of Warcraft: During the cataclysm expansion, there was a meta with deathknights where one who geared a specific way and played their abilities with perfect timing, could solo level 85 raid content that was meant for ten players, while being level 85 themselves, and in gearscore equivalent of what would drop in that raid. They weren't overgeared or overleveled for it, it was just a design insight on the developers part that the class was able to reach that level of power. Guild Wars 1: The monk class, for a long time, had a build called "The 55 Monk". In guild wars, there are armor enchantments that significantly boost your skills, and as a tradeoff, lower your maximum HP. This build revolved around stacking those until you had the lowest HP possible in the game, which was 55, and then using an enchantment skill that monks could learn that caused you to reflect damage back to the enemy every time they hit you with an attack that would of killed you over a certain percentage of HP. As long as you kept the enchantment buff up, watched out for enchantment strips, and healed the chip damage up, you were quite literally invincible. Metas generally allowed a player to solo content that was not meant to be soloable, or breeze through content that should of been challenging. They are most often just an oops on a developers part where they don't realize just how powerful something could be in tandem with something else already out when they release it. The only gaming community that ever refers to meta as being defined as "the most efficient way" is the MOBA community, IE League of Legends and such. It has an entirely different meaning in every other game type, even roleplay. What they call the meta, is more along the lines of gentlemans rule, such as waiting until the count of three in a gun duel to shoot. You were expected to do it, but not everyone did.
  4. Please stop reading into it as if I am having trouble with NM4. I am not having trouble with it, beating it isn't my problem. I could easily, and I know exactly how I would. I could just switch to the meta, or buy abyss lord, or grind for days to upgrade all my gear or farm for weeks to get better pieces of gear for my builders to eventually drop in NM3, or join a group of players who are already NM4 geared and get carried. My issue is that I don't want to do any of these things, there's no desire, it isn't fun. So much work, for what equates to being exactly the same as NM1-NM3 except mobs have more health. Whats the difference between being a character that hits 10 damage and fighting a monster that has 100 health, and being a character that hits a 1000 damage and fighting a monster that has 10,000 health? Answer: NM1 and NM2. I want these changes to be implemented because I think it will drive people to explore the endgame and have fun. People should want to get to the end, not feel obligated to. This is everything about fun, and nothing about difficulty, which only plays a minor role in that the right balance of, and well implemented difficulty is what makes a game fun. Why is Dark Souls fun? Not because it's hard. Because it makes you think. Every single different enemy is like re-learning the game all over again. Looking for the tells, learning how to counter each enemy's moveset, and every player weapon's moveset in pvp. It is implemented in such a good way, that you never feel like "This is too hard." Or "This is too easy." It makes you think "Woah, I wasn't expecting that. Here's what I'll try different." Again, this is a list of things I feel need change, not a whine post that NM4 is too hard, because really, it isn't. It just sort of forces a player to play a specific way, instead of being creative and using strategy, or to brute force it by being overgeared for the content. Please, I want this discussion to be about the suggestions I made, and to see if other players agree that these changes would benefit the game, or to make their own suggestions. Something certainly needs to change I think, and it makes me unhappy that all these people coming in and telling me how I should play the game, is pretty much just telling me the community is happy with the way the game is at, that Trendy should just pull it out of early access, release it as is, and start working on DD3. IS that really what you all want?
  5. Mt problem is not that I can't get into NM4. It's that the gameplay is stale and revolves around one entire gimmick. Geysers don't cover enough range to be worthwhile, lockdown never actually works, and cannons don't deal enough damage. Ogres always get into range if there's more then one. In NM, there will always be a wave where three different ogres will attack three different lanes. I just don't have the DPS to kill two, sometimes even one before the other one(s) are at my walls, two shotting them. It sounds more like you have trouble reading, or at the least comprehending. You came here to gloat, and to try to make me feel bad. Your advice is terrible, your writing is terrible, and your argument is terrible.
  6. Couldn't find an edit button, so sorry for the double post, but I feel I should point out these opinions come from a solo player. A lot of these issues become moot I'm sure because having a DPS player in every lane that has an ogre in the same wave probably trivializes those waves. Which in my eyes, is another issue as well, considering all of the games difficulty comes from ogres in the first place.
  7. I like the idea that this game is going for, and the art style is cute and eye catching. The gameplay is simple and fun, with the option to explore more complex strategies, however a lot of the work Trendy put into this game, might as well be flushed down the toilet because of how bad these few grievances are with the game. They pretty much break the game, ruining what fun there is to be had in the end game. (Note that I will not be discussing the Abyss Lord in any of these bullet points except in his own, because pretty much every argument can be countered with just "Well, only use the Abyss Lord", he is his own level of overpowered and I consider that a minor thing atm, since I assume that will be fixed. IT has it's own paragraph.) 1. The Meta In my opinion, a game should never have a meta, or, in the case of games like guild wars (original, not 2), have so many vast and creative options for the meta that it's pretty much it's own level of the game itself. Dungeon Defenders 2 does not. This is supposed to be an RPG on top of being a tower defense. An RPG is a game where you're meant to make choices, however in this game there's only one choice to make--Whether or not you play the meta, or never see NM4 outside of a carry. The irony is that in addition to this, it's a tower defense game that encourages you to use any and every defense except towers. Towers deal less damage, have to be positioned strategically. Don't benefit from one of the most useful buffs from the only spectacularly useful non-abyss lord tower frosty power, and are like giant shining targets for enemy mobs. You have to place your towers in a way so that mobs won't attack them--usually right behind barricades--or they will safespot your towers easily. Spear throwers have longer range then an un-upgraded cannon, the floating book mobs have a longer range then nearly everything but a ballistae. In addition, they often will sit around the corner and chuck stuff at your barricades/towers at angles your towers can't shoot down. It's so much easier to just use traps. No brain power, no strategy, no tactics is needed. Throw them right down the lane, AND they benefit from frosty power. This is ridiculous on top of being unbalanced as hell. You rarely see anyone using towers up and down a lane, because mobs tend to just roflstomp them down one at a time as they move down. The only time I have ever seen people using towers, is when they have them all clustered around behind a barricade, because really this is the only effective way to place them where they won't die or require repair babysitting every wave. A few maps have a few exceptions, but for the most part, all your towers will go right behind your barricade, where the hope is that in that short 20 meters of range, the towers will burn the enemy down before they get to your barricade and stomp it flat. To make matters even worse, whereas traps have no counter, towers have a massive counter in the form of the ogre, which I'll discuss in the next bullet point. As of right now, the game is pretty much "You will have a wall squire, you will have a trap huntress, you will have an LAS/Purge Evil Monk, you will have a frosty power Apprentice, and you will have a DPS huntress." Can we have some viable alternatives, please? Why make all these cool defense combo's like shatter, shock, ignite, etc, but then make them all pointless because frosty power plus traps beat everything? Note: I'm including Lightning Aura as a trap here, because even though it's called an aura in the game, it effectively is a trap. It can't be targeted, and enemies who walk over it take damage. TL;DR Frosty power should make mobs take more damage, not buff defenses in range. This makes the already superior option for defense, even better. Towers in general need a buff, something that gives them survivability and/or damage to compete with how amazingly good traps are. Apprentice walls need something that might actually make people go "Hmm, maybe for this situation, I'd prefer that over a squire blockade". Possibly maybe once the barricade is destroyed, it just disappears for a few seconds, then repairs itself back to full? 2. Dificulty Difficulty in this game is wildly controversial, you ask one person and they will complain that the game is too hard, that they can't, no matter how hard they try get past nightmare. You ask the next person, and they might complain that the game is too easy, and that they can afk pretty much any map and let their defenses do everything. The most common difference between the first person and the second person, is who's using the meta. (Or abyss lord, but I digress.) People who try to play the game the way it's meant to be played, setting up combo's, lane defenses, will constantly get stomped on and struggle. People who build for the meta, and just do lanes full of traps and frost towers and purge evil serenity auras will easymode nearly all content in the game, regardless of item power. This may seem like a rehash of the first point, but it's not. In my opinion, the biggest culprit for the games difficulty, and the meta that we have, is ogres. Literally, ogres are 99% of the games difficulty. Their stomp one shots towers behind barricades and along the sides of the lane. (And players who forget to jump it). Their snot is devastating, pretty much forcing the player who gets hit by it to no longer be able to kite the ogre away from barricades due to being too slow to dodge that one shot swing. And their swing arc is so wide, that they hit barricades and will hit poorly placed additional barricades/towers that are around the barricade. And they soak ridiculous amounts of damage ensuring that unless they are taking damage the entire time they come down the lane, they will get a few devastating swings on your barricades before they die. They counter every form of defense in the game but traps, which effectively counter them. And is the only thing that counters them. If the double and triple ogre waves were removed from nightmare, even nightmare 4 would no longer have any difficulty at all whatsoever. Ogres are so vastly more powerful then not only every other enemy in the game, but every other boss in the game. They're the only boss with additional special abilities. This game might as well be called Swamp Defenders, because Shrek is going to peel every layer of your defense away like an onion. I think that ogres should be nerf'd, and everything else, LITERALLY everything else should be buffed. Like, maybe small mobs could get an aiblity "Horde mentality: Every living nearby ally increases damage by 1%". The huge armored orcs could resist physical and protect their allies. The female orcs could throw electric nets or something that temporarily disables a single defense. Etc etc. Right now, the one and only threat in this game is ogres. And it shouldn't be like that. TL;DR Nerf ogres, buff everything else with special abilities or effects that actually make them a threat rather then damage sponge. 3. Gear Gearing in this game is frustrating. 75%, if not more, of all the drops you get will be worthless. As if to make things even worse, "Smart Loot" is anything but. The game heavily prioritizes the current active character for loot. There is no documentation or official word on this, but am absolutely certain this is true. The alternative is just that RNG has been terrible to me since I started playing. My proof is in that my huntress, who is a pure DPS character and thus the one that is constantly active, and also the LAST CHARACTER I CREATED. Is my most heavily geared one. EVERYTHING drops for her. Not even half the drops, like 4/5ths of all drops I get are huntress gear. I even recently got to the end of a NM3 match, got a legendary chest. Opened it, and it spit out three legendary bows, and a legendary totem with traptress passives on it. I needed squire gear. Her and my squire were the ONLY characters in my deck at the time. I even screenshotted my inventory after I sorted all the gear. The bottom bag, and the bottom row of the top bag is all huntress gear. They all have huntress passives on them that specifically mention the names of her defenses or skills. The measly one row at the top of the top bag, is all the squire gear I got. I sold all of the "neutral" gear that had passives that affect every character, but it equated to less then a bag. Here is the screenshot: So what I end up with, is my huntress is at ITMPWR of 615, while every other hero I own is in the low 500's, some still at 400. Simply because the game vastly favors your current active character for loot. This should be changed. IT should just be a random equal chance for all characters in your deck. Otherwise everyone always will have their DPS character outgear their builders. Alternatively, we could select which character we'd want gear to drop for at the beginning of a level or something. Either way, this is terrible and causes a massive amount of frustration. TL;DR Gear favors the current active character. It shouldn't. 4. Abyss Lord This one is short and easy because it's obvious, and I'm sure Trendy is already working on a fix for this, but it remains a major point anyway. Abyss Lord is ridiculously overpowered. Forget strategy, forget tactics, it's all about getting as many bone archers in as small as a place as possible while facing as much lane as possible. Their damage scales ridiculously high. They can face TWO lanes at a time. Their range is utterly ridiculous which tends to heavily reduce the faults that towers in general have in this game, and they have a passive that makes their arrows have AoE. A decently geared abyss lord is pretty much "why use anything else?".
  8. Every time I change characters, relog, or start a new map, all of my medium EXP spheres unequip themselves from any heros who have them equipped. Even if it's only one hero that has them equipped. How do I fix this?
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