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  1. It's from February 22nd 12:00 (UTC-4/EST) to Sunday, February 24th 22:00(UTC-4/EST).
  2. Giveaway Ended!Add me on steam for your items Winners: lukas112008 - The RainMaker jasper.fussy - The Cavalry Senjinator - Ball Blaster Qimbie - Greater Magicite of the Wind Pure - Celebracers _______________________________ WoottonMajr - Gaia's Last Gift Adamen - Mask of the Pumpkin King Nasako - Azure Peak Sam116 - Eternity KillerBee - Spearmint Quinn - Black Satin Peak JDN - Aladdin's Wish Tragnesor - Something Blue Kid o' Neverland - Glacier's Demise Billy - Marid
  3. Maybe I need to add that it needs to be your OWN tavern in the rules 
  4. If you're not just joking and really want to enter then you have to follow the rules :)
  5. You could still play the game even if your game is in french, you just couldn't play with anyone who's game wasn't in french.
  6. Hello Defenders! It's time to show off your decoration skills! There isn't any theme you have to follow I just want to see what cool designs you can come up with. I'll be judging them on my own personal taste, so try not to worry and just make something that you think looks good. Tip for moving items in the tavern, you can use summoner overlord mode to pickup and drop items. Giveaway will end on 10th of February Rules: 1 screen shot only, can be top or ground floor (so make sure you get the perfect angle that shows your design off the best). Screen shot must be taken in first person and with the IU disabled (press H). Must have post processing on with at least medium graphic settings. Item beams and green arrows must be disabled (Press B and Ctrl-P). Must link your Steam profile with your screen shot. Example: Prizes: (all traced) There will be 5 main winners that have a random chance to win Ball Blaster Greater Magicite of the Wind The RainMaker Celebracers The Cavalry And then there will be 10 more events that'll be given away randomly to the rest of the entries. Eternity Something Blue Gaia's Last Gift Aladdin's Wish Spearmint Glacier's Demise Azure Peak Black Satin Peak Mask of the Pumpkin King Marid
  7. MM is slower so you get less ults per hour, so it's not worth
  8. Happy Christmas! I wish for a torchic in my stocking this year.
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