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  1. Praise be on to Trendy. Those of you who farmed for days... netter luck next buggy affix.
  2. There not nerfing Abyss Lord. They already said many times their going to buff the original heroes make them equal to Abyss Lord, and fix up the diffculty of the game in a later patch.
  3. I want to be compensated for Trendy secretly delaying the servers, and crushing my hopes and dreams.
  4. When you get kicked from Onslaught during a break. FeelsBadMan In my eyes. If your in a private game, no AFK kick, but in public games. It should be short. With AL I can pretty much AFK everything under NM4, and I usually solo because Trendy thinks it's a good idea to Split the player-base up with 9 different difficulty settings...
  5. New textures are great. I enjoyed the facial expressions on the old one more though.
  6. You shall be missed Defense Speed. I took you for granted when you were there. Now I see when you are gone, how important you were. Sleep Well [[10827,hashtags]] [[10830,hashtags]] [[10831,hashtags]]
  7. There will most likely be one sooner or later, or we'll all die doing the same thing over and over again. I myself would prefer more maps over more difficulties though.
  8. whaat? I skipped Insane, and jumped start to NM1 as soon as I hit 50 in my 4x gear (between IPWR 150-180), and slept through it. I had to actually try when I got ***y and went to NM2, but still cleared it solo all the same.
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