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  1. You can time out mid multiplayer :-) just quit and leave your team mates trouble free from your AFK cheekiness or get kicked. With regards the phone try the speaker phone technique or practice using your shoulder to hold phone to ear :) you'll get it with bit practice :)
  2. Why did you create a US account if your in the EU. You can access all servers from the main screen anyway. Just try switching regions :) depending on time of the day.
  3. Luck the of the draw I say.. Who's to say ogre's cant help fellow ogre's out by giving them a leg up over the barricade. (Fair game I say). Hope trendy doesn't interfere adds extra challenge.. Who wants to win all the time ;) should play with others ;) Moral story : take them out quicker :)
  4. Yes actually ;) introducing if your in the know. Well my point is the bad things that come with trading. I feel like every item is earned in this game currently - rewarding.
  5. Hey what was your previous username Eye. I am from original PS3 dungeon defenders fondly remember introducing mods :) Duping armor and Copying taverns ;-)
  6. I think it means enemies are slowed to 85 percent of their normal speed . So 15 percent slower.
  7. Make any weapon random shot style burst/standard/mortar etc and random special Passives chance... So we have a variety of people using different looking weapons but essentially option having good dps on them :)
  8. Why ? Anyone is welcome to join. {point is why the complaining} You bring mobs - you clean up. Sometime I switch DPS and run around covering the majority of lanes letting people level up or bring in Tower builders. One Suggestion : you join as DPS you can cover more than just one lane :-)
  9. True points and In the same way AFK builders provide contributions from the towers. Without DPS it's fine, with DPS harder mobs - so you now have a role to do. Point is why moan at AFK when they are kind enough to let anyone join and do their bit ;) You see where this is going ? Uh Hum similar post... Etc Etc It's understanding of people roles and gameplay style.
  10. if solo maybe no need dps; if 4 players game , i dont think u can carry 3 players only with ur towers and without repair . Exactly that defence isn't going to repair itself :) That's what your there for Mr DPS/Repair Man. Wink wink The fact you joined that particular game means extra hard lanes. 'If you order food in a restaurant, you don't expect the chef to eat it for you' :) lol
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