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  1. It needs a unicorn horn and a cookie somewhere.
  2. I could use some TAB disconnect myself....
  3. I personally don't think it is and that it would ruin the premise of the game if implemented in a basic way. (trading gear and shards no matter what your level) People would be paying money for perfect stat roles, shards, and pets. I haven't played dd1 so i don't know how that was but yeah.
  4. Just shut up. Yo guys obviously can't have a constructive forum discussion so stop responding to each other. If you do respond, talk about the Issue that needs to be fixed, not about how flamey each person is. IMO, dd304 is the only unreachable one here. Guess who was right? Now start flaming here too. Man i legit dont get it with you or dd304. youre both like unreachable. if something isnt perfect or going your way instant upsetti with no spaghetti. Like cool bud you insulted me back and now are trying to play the oh im a nice guy youre a bully meme "start flaming here too", cute but lets be real here who just went on flaming back? you buddo.
  5. We do know how it works, trendy has told us things, and we are telling you how it works. If you have 22k marks, you are in max c7 gear. Are you sure you are queing c7 maps? because if you have 22k medallions you won't be going back to 18k- medallions, though you will get 19k drops. You are just getting unlucky with the item drops. Calm it down. trendy isn't bad, your rng is bad. Either that or you are lying about these numbers.
  6. Yeah, because xbox players really needed that one more map, the other 20+ maps that are totally new to them weren't enough. Well to me, waiting a few days isn't that big of a deal. We can be patient, and having that Exclusive Xbox Map! tag probably does help with the advertising.
  7. Ok, so per your invisible ipwr level, gear drops in an about 2k range around your, lets say, max gear you have.so in c7 you can get 21k relics and 19k relics. Exactly what you are talking about because it is how the gear drops. Now, if you look at your drop's sell values and they don't increase, then you know you have reached max gear and can progress to the next chaos teir with a good relic or two. So yeah, if you aren't getting higher sell value drops then that means that you are ready to progress to the net chaos teir, which it sounds like you are. So do it. You will fail a few times, but ultimately make it. And check out this spreadsheet OP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16gg6azeL4cj3cEs8gR0UV1HWnS-5s7l_tbOInjgQQl8/edit#gid=0
  8. Ok, i wonder if you know that we are getting the revenge of the yeti map in week or less, [[49129,users]]? Trendy did not, "abandon" all other players to go make love to Microsoft, they made it an exclusive map to help boost release on the xbox. Also you know what needs to be fixed first? The darned back button on this website, as well as the meta description :P Also the signin popup on mobile.
  9. Hey you know what is spam? That other guy making topics, and YOU. yes, YOU, bumping your topic every 10 minutes, filled with useless information about how *** trendy is or nothing at all. Stop spamming and go look at all the guides on progression. Stop complaining about trendy's incompetence, they are probably asleep right now as it is morning on the east cost. Though maybe trendy could promote someone to mod to manage this kind of stuff when it is night on the east coast... Just STOP the spam.
  10. The best way is to do all your dailies, and other than that you just play the game, winning maps for 25 medals each win.
  11. Oh woops looks like to took to long to write my previous post on mobile or something O.o (or maybe was on page 4) Anyways, lookit this about your non projectile towers: https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedIcyDelicataRedCoat Also, in response to this quote, what do you suggest trendy does to make the game a bit less repetitive than what mentioned in my last post, about just same old same old scaling? I'm not sure what else you can do except making every single map an incursion? Hard-Counters just simply need to change, that's all there is to it.
  12. Yeah, you could do a knock up build in c3, in any Chaos for that matter. Anyways, what we have right now is better than What we had before, just increased scaling of the same old boring enemies. Really, trendy did the good thing, adding new flavors and allowing for all builds to work if you are smart enough at building. Even in c7 you only need one sgt per two lanes to take out kobolts and you can build any way you want to.
  13. You got your C4's and C5's mixed up, but yes, that is the general progression set up. Once you have progressed, though, there it no reason to be angry about the "limited" build options. Just watch some vods from Sidewalk's (twitch.tv/sidewalkhero) latest stream, he did traps, harpies and slimes, and knockup builds other times. Once you have the relics you can do any build you want. I love knockups, for example. Sure, if you are planning to do a 4 man c7 those may not work, but solo they will, you just have to be creative. :) (I've been successful in a 4-man knockup public in c7) Just experiment
  14. Wowie, so what bugs you talkin about? Could you give an example? Oh, and crap servers? I haven't had a problem since launch day, and that was to be expected, wasn't it? Progression broken? No, i don't think so, it seems like people actually have to think to progress, would you imagine that! And people have done it multiple times from start to finish, campaign to c7. I think it's fine that the xbox was favored, i mean, new release, they could use something to boost that playerbase, like this new incursion! How about you try n fix this game?
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