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  1. I sent you an invite. Proof these types of threads do work sometimes. Got several friend requests, had problems connecting, but eventually got into a game with you, and thanks for the games. Didn't expect such a quick response, and had a blast playing DD tonight.
  2. Just bought the game a few days ago, and I love it, but I keep getting booted. First I get booted in taverns, for no apparent reason, although once I laughed at a guy with a zombie looking monk (grey skin). Then I've been booted from games in progress, the latest occuring 10 minutes ago, when after I literally saved the crystal by throwing up a wall, I was picking up junk to sell.... now I can see someone thinking I'm greedy, but this is junk.... I'm a new player and a staff with 1 attack is junk - kicked after last wave. I'm hoping two things will come of this post. First, I hope someon
  3. I'm an arrow key user, and always use the numpad for quick selection (ie. tower, repair, etc). Where someone that uses WASD will hit 1 for their first item, I hit numpad 1. I rebound all the quick select keys to their numpad counterparts (ie. 1 is now numpad1, 2 is now numpad 2, ...). Numpad keys 1-4 work, but 5+ do not. If I want to heal myself, the numpad 1 keybind works, but if I want to lay down a turret, none of those rebound keys work, but still work from their original keybinds (5, 6, ...). Obvious bug?
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