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  1. Just noticed the update on the store. From what I'm seeing the towers aren't really fixed and there are new errors. Is the patch and DLC worth it or is this spider error thing I'm seeing ruining everything?
  2. I've already stopped trading anything of value because of dupes. Cheaters have ruined yet another game for me.
  3. You won't get them back. Just don't play it until they fix it.
  4. It is well known that the tavern lock doesn't work on Xbox. It was on PS3 that people were questioning it.
  5. Any save encryption will be hacked shortly after it is implemented. The best solution which won't happen at this point is store all weapon and armor information server side.
  6. Sorry been pulling some massive OT at work resend your invite please.
  7. Not only does this person NOT know what he's talking about, His grammar sucks horribly. "This is why trendy aren't updating console often as PC." Should be.... "This is why trendy isn't updating the consoles as often as PC" You should capitalize Trendy as it is a proper noun. You should also end your sentences with punctuation.
  8. Sometimes during online multiplayer the forges and crystal disappear. The same can also happen to your weapons. This can happen in the normal game but is far more frequent in MM. Sound also often doesn't work in multi
  9. It's a pretty even trade I think. Just be careful as there are lots of dupes floating around.
  10. truth* their* corrupt* or* waste* want to* you* respond* because* I* don't* an* can't* disappointment* get* back* If you sent an email like that I can see why they ignored it. But seriously I don't think anything is restored to console players. At least no one has posted about it.
  11. The new patch looks good but there is one problem. The constant polling to see if trophies have been unlocked is going to allow the hackers to cheat their way to easy platinums in the game. If chickens ever become tradeable this will also allow a massive influx of chickens into the economy. A hacker would be able to easily create hundreds of chickens in minutes. These wouldn't be dupes either so the current dupe protection won't work. I was just wondering if Trendy is planning to combat this or if they want reports of people who have done it? I won't go into specifics on how it is don
  12. It's basically identical to the Trendy event since most people in that used Apprentice. You are most likely going to want a good Ignis and a healing Fairy. One person in the back grabs aggro and tanks the two sides before they can turn on the crystal. The two in front handle the ogres on each side and then move to the back if needed. There is a slight trick to the ogre aggro in the back so you will want to practice it. I'm cool with practice and I can show you how the aggro works I'm just not sure the times I'll be on next week (Just got Amalur :-D)
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