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  1. I would like to see a squire looking like a Demoknight. :P Nice job on that.
  2. How about doing the old way playing survivals on Insane HC first. A shortcut with Lab means also a shorten playtime :) I can already do Throne Room NMHC Survival. :eek:
  3. Have you tried Lab Assault? You can generally get good armors there. All you need is a decent Jester(or Huntress/Ranger) with a BF drill and you should be able to run it on insane. If you need help doing it I dont mind running it through a few times with you. Where can I get a BF drill? At the moment I have a Pawn Shot that does 1mil DPS. I've seen some runs of Lab Assault, yes the prizes look amazing, but I see a ton of BF drills and have no idea where to get it. qq
  4. After farming Wave 1 of Misty/Aquanos a ton of times, I now have full myth sets on all of my characters. My stats average around 500-600 and have no clue where to go now. Where can I go to progress and get better armor?
  5. A lot of PS3 players converting over to PC, I wonder what's going on... :o In other words, welcome to the PC community! A lot more opportunities on PC, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  6. I've been farming Ramparts a lot, and the progression is going along smoothly (on Hard HC). I've attempted Glitterhelm Caverns, only problem is that spawns decide to be very generous spawn two ogres at one choke point so I can't make it through the final wave. Thanks for the suggestions. Though I still have a question, what's the best place to farm Godly gear? My countess is at level 70 right now (working on other characters such as Summoner and EV), and my stats aren't so hot, mostly around the 50-120 mark.
  7. I taught myself a little bit of piano but I had to stop once I learned to play the Song of Storms and it started raining. Aside from that I unfortunately have no musical ability besides this: That's still a very unique talent, I'm very jealous.
  8. Coming back to DD and I'm starting completely fresh. So far I have a Countess that's level 27 (tower stats are 16/44/27/33). I've been farming Deeper Well on insane and Alchemical Laboratory on Hard, but I still feel like I'm not going fast enough. Any recommendations? I can think of some stuff such as doing the Rampants at medium or hard.
  9. Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple. "Ghost of Perdition" by Opeth.
  10. Multi-percussionist (in case you don't know, that's basically drumset and all other percussion instruments like xylophone, timpani, etc). I'm teaching myself how to play piano at the moment, and plan to learn guitar later on.
  11. Last I played, Kings Game NMHCMM was the best place to get really high tier gear. I got a couple of supremes and ultimates on that map. On average I got about 3 supremes each run and 1 ultimate every other couple runs.
  12. I use Series EV and Booster Monk. I build up a Proton Blast during the final wave on my Series EV and mana on my booster monk. When the boss comes, activate the Hero Boost first then my Proton Charge, killing the boss in seconds.
  13. That or, if you own one of the consoles (360/PS3) you can do a true restart run. As they don't contain any of the DLC stages or characters. So there's no way to sequence break based on content. Though the issue is also dealing with the lack of feature changes/additions that came to the PC version (but not to consoles.) Many of which you will be in pain without. I know this after recently playing through it on PS3 (after so long on the Steam port.) I do happen to have Dungeon Defenders on my Xbox 360, but I didn't find myself enjoying it as much. I'm running short on money at the moment, loo
  14. Which kind of lag are you having? Low FPS or high ping?
  15. Will you just stop complaining about everything? Nice job necroing a 5 month old thread (4 months in your case).
  16. Kings Game and Aquanos NM:HC(MM if doable). You'll usually find supreme/ultimate gear around wave 25+. Don't depend on it too much, you'll mostly find trans. Back when I did Kings Game, I found one supreme every wave.
  17. Go for it! I started up again a week ago myself on a new account and I'm having a lot of fun. A fresh account is the only real way to reset your achievements, fyi. Darn, may have to spend a bit of money, especially with the DLC. I'll just have to wait for a big sale :3. I'd rather buy a whole other copy of the game than use some cheating program to reset my achievements (which probably doesn't even work and could get the account locked) anyways.
  18. Fun, cool, nice to see you back. Now I'm gonna go eat some tacos (really.) Haha, thanks.
  19. But starting completely fresh. New characters, new gear, no mana, etc. Only problem I see is getting achievements reset, which could get me VAC banned which would be a shame. But yeah, after taking leave from this game after a couple of months, I have the intentions of possibly playing the game again.
  20. Long time as in maybe a month lol ? and no new dlc other than lab Well really I haven't played the game before the Tinkerer DLC. I knew about the patch, just didn't play it.
  21. I haven't played in a very long time. Last patch I remember was the Tinkerers Lab DLC. Have there been any other patches after that?
  22. I know this is an old thread, but you can only get rid of achievements using 3rd-Party Programs, which is not suggested since it can get your account locked.
  23. Don't worry man, I was in the same place before. At the beginning of 6th grade I made some REALLY good friends who I still am friends with today. I'm called fat, ugly, and any other kind of insult. When people piss you off and they don't know when to stop, it's time to do something. You should believe in your parents. Tell them what's going on. If they really don't care, talk some sense to them. I know that seems like a bad idea, but if your parents don't give 2 craps about what you say, you have every right to tell them something. Get them convinced that you feel that they don't care for y
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