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  1. im having the same problem im on ios but i didnt choose to play via wifi until it some how switched to gamespy how do i swith back to the other option i dont wanna restart the game
  2. since my pc is broken and while the hardrive is being backed up at geeksquad lets play some Console DD hit me up on ps3 i have all the dlc wouldnt mind learning a few things that i missed PSN: Red_sky1
  3. anybody still play from the old days?
  4. havnt done it yet or practiced it ill be sure to let you know
  5. Try again, take a look at the sticky which 1? the thread with sign ups and list that im on?
  6. signed up for fridsy didnt get an invite for friday
  7. DUDE!!! TwinMethod was the best host i ever had even though it took 45min for a third to join but DUDE Twinmethod made my experience solid like a ball and chain
  8. please dont double post a thread!!! I never done it but i always hear how easy it is on misty pure stradegy
  9. great event and great idea having time brackets
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