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  1. Those were my main reasons getting the $35 kickstarter. I received the key codes, and skins, but I'm still waiting for the artbook, soundtrack and guide.
  2. I only received skin codes (half of them didn't work) - still waiting for Digital DD:A Soundtrack Digital DD:A Strategy Guide Digital Dungeon Defenders Artbook
  3. I experienced this behavior only on NM1 and lower, today too sadly :( Im starting to assume it only happens if a gunwitch is in the team.
  4. I mean if I have any character that meets the requirement, I shouldnt need to change back to that character and search for that lobby again :)
  5. If I have an iPWR300 character but my iPWR250 is the actively selected, it should still allow me to connect to an iPWR280 required stage :)
  6. Seriously 99.99% of the time I don't have anything to do outside, I would like to get back to private tavern after completing stages.
  7. No victory screen, there are 2 options, 1. leave session, 2. let them destroy the crystal
  8. This is ALWAYS the result when coming back from any stage. Maybe it's related to GunWitch, I can always reproduce this if she is the chosen hero.
  9. Every time I start up the game, the launcher stays this big and goes under the taskbar and ALT+SPACE doesn't work to be able to grab it and pull down, I have to unlock taskbar and resize and resize back and lock again. Please fix this by saving the last size and/or position of the launcher window, thank you :) 
  10. Hi :) My main character is a huntress lvl 39 till EV comes out, I would like to play with anyone from lvl 1 also for fun, steam: Kiskunk (purple avatar from Freedom Planet) My build is dps - no tower. Looking for better gear too, and clearing freeplay on hard. Hit me up if you are interested :)
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