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  1. Whether the one on the left has 8 ammo and the right has 42, its still definitely just a huge downgrade with these stats. But in the game the left has 34 ammo, the right has 18, thus rendering the "better" weapon completely obsolete. So technically the game only values PWR, which to my experience doesn't have to do anything with any game mechanism, since a PWR 6 weapon can easily outpower a PWR 24 weapon. This is my experience, not just speculating, so if this is not how its intended, then its probably a bug.
  2. If an item's EVERY parameter is worse than the equipped, do not mark it as "better". This was the most frustrating part of DD1 ever. (Seen on attached image 1) UI: - There should be some sort of screen flash when you take damage, currently i have zero idea if I have full hp, or 4. - No text when an Ogre arrives, or a player dies. - At first, the UI seemed like a cleaner, better manageable version of DD1, without the theme. But after playing for hours, it makes less sense. On the attached image it says ARMOR 2/4, what does it mean? Why is it 2/4 if all 4 are COMMON quality, same PWR, neither of them gives extra buff. - Weapon reload speed -> why is the higher number the better? To me if a weapon has a 2s reload time, it should be 2s to reload it, but it says 0.75s which in game is a 4-5s reload time. This is very confusing. - Don't mark a weapon as "better", if cannot be equipped with the current hero. Grey it out in the inventory, or make it red-ish. Do not enable the Comparison view for it. Game: - First person mode could have been implemented, since it almsot perfectly works when the camera bumps into the wall (2nd attached picture) - Cannot swap heroes from the Inventory menu, thus always losing the sorting. - I hope there will be an INVITE ONLY mode for matchmaking - I hope friends will be able to join when I'm in the tavern
  3. The current idea of DD2-s swap on the go and earn xp with all your heroes at once is what made DD2 into a single player game. If you have all your characters up to max after reaching max with your first one, then there isn't really a replayability, rendering the game to a short storymode instead of challenging stages again and again, to level the secondary characters.
  4. Just an information/experience sharing: My config: RTX 2060 I7 6700K 4ghz 16GB ram Im getting 35+ fps in 4k on everything set to the max and vsync off. Having a Freesync monitor makes it so smooth like it was 60+ fps, except in the inventory, that gives me 2-12 fps regardless of any settings. Playing on 2k is always 65+ fps, again except in the inventory screen.
  5. The game itself is AMAZING and I am already almost totally in love with it, definitely worth the money! But the UI ruins every good feeling towards DDA. Here are my problems with it: - too ugly and simple (also gives fps lag, while the game runs very smooth) - not clear what is what on the screen, I thought at first that the top bar is the crystal health, since it was depleting the same pace as how it got hit. I then realized the Crystal health is not visible on the UI, you actually have to look at it direcly. - no indication that a player joined your session, cannot see their health/mana - in the inventory view, I think it should be default to show the comparison of currently equipped gear instead of having to press a button every time (there are scenarios where pressing the button does not bring up the currently equipped gear when i already have something equipped in that slot) - in the inventory view when an item is not better than the currently equipped one, a barely visible green down arrow indicates it. That definitely should be red and more visible. - the name on the chest after a round should be visible from any distance, so players won't forget to open it - the map is too translucent, and the towers all marked with just flat square red diamonds - i hope this will be fixed and proper graphics will be added to know what tower was put where (also the map transparency could be dynamic, so if a player does not move, it should be 100% visible, and if the player starts moving, it could be less visible) Also there is a problem with the Apprentice imho. The right click ability and the special ability is almost the same. I miss the charged up big shot. Instead of that we now have two ground hitting staff move. It makes it feel like the Apprentice is handicapped to have only 1 ability, just he can use it a bit more often.
  6. I experienced this behavior only on NM1 and lower, today too sadly :( Im starting to assume it only happens if a gunwitch is in the team.
  7. I mean if I have any character that meets the requirement, I shouldnt need to change back to that character and search for that lobby again :)
  8. If I have an iPWR300 character but my iPWR250 is the actively selected, it should still allow me to connect to an iPWR280 required stage :)
  9. Seriously 99.99% of the time I don't have anything to do outside, I would like to get back to private tavern after completing stages.
  10. No victory screen, there are 2 options, 1. leave session, 2. let them destroy the crystal
  11. This is ALWAYS the result when coming back from any stage. Maybe it's related to GunWitch, I can always reproduce this if she is the chosen hero.
  12. Every time I start up the game, the launcher stays this big and goes under the taskbar and ALT+SPACE doesn't work to be able to grab it and pull down, I have to unlock taskbar and resize and resize back and lock again. Please fix this by saving the last size and/or position of the launcher window, thank you :) 
  13. Hi :) My main character is a huntress lvl 39 till EV comes out, I would like to play with anyone from lvl 1 also for fun, steam: Kiskunk (purple avatar from Freedom Planet) My build is dps - no tower. Looking for better gear too, and clearing freeplay on hard. Hit me up if you are interested :)
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