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  1. "Water traps" aka Geyser traps. #6... weak ones at that... no/little Defense Power. I get that, but what map? Nothing seems to work so far. The ramster strat fails 99% of the time on onslaught because out of 35 attempts, 35 were camper fat javelin throwing sons of ***es that are my #2 reason to hate the defending of dungeons (#1 being JUMP JUMP ogres and RNG that tie.) I mean, I'm too busy watching my meager walls collapse under the collective weight of the enemy.
  2. That 10,000 stun/knockup thing is a cancer most foul. How exactly do you DO IT?
  3. LOL!! are you joking, mate?? ....People will complain about anything nowadays, they reintroduce dragolich for all the whiners who never got one. & then you complain that the quest is too hard... lol I was ready to accept being a lesser player for not having a Dracolich. Didn't hear anything from me about that. That, and I've figured out a means to slow enemies, so I'm at 55k and rising at the moment, throwing a taunt in here or there. Still, due to external matters I can't really control, the catacombs / unholy sword isn't exactly doable, so this chunky, slow method of raising provokes is about all I can do for that.
  4. Well great. I have full reason to never bother again if RNG continues to bend me over the local spike barricade and ramster my ass. Haven't seen not one piece of serenity aura slowing gear, nor have I gotten fortunate enough to get a party for the provoke gimmick shield/sword for squire. 100,000 enemies slowed..really? Is the gimmick on monthly quests that "It's easy to do unless there's an actual reward worth it?" The big shot one last month was cake with icing by comparison..no gear grind required. It's -the- pet to have. Of course they load on the gimmicks. I know it could be worse..but I couldn't think of how this monthly could be any harder.
  5. Special Pet? Good! Awesome! Fantastico! You bought into the game while it was pay-to-enter and got it. Zam! Gamebreaker doubles damage from all sources meta-making pet that is in fact the only way to beat NM4 singlehandedly with your eyes closed and probably trivializes all future content for those who have it? Bad. Very bad. I mean they technically deserve a cowards way out / enthusiasts boon that isn't all heroes for free, but then when the expectation comes around to "HAVE DRACOLICH OR GTFO", it'll be Trendy's fault. To those who want him on the wheel, you can go ballista yourselves. Just put it up for a dollar and let everyone get it. Unless you know, they make separate wheels so I can blow tickets on an attempt at the god pet instead of on rainbow fros and fireworks exclusively, give or take a non-booby booby-prize in the form of a popcorn machine.
  6. I dread change if only because they'll push the passives we adore and seek to ubers... More ubers = less defender tokens, and mandated spheres to be viable instead of RNG drops. Less defender tokens = jew plot pay to gain heroes only game. You got those ubers? Nice...enjoy not getting hero slots or like..any sort of heroes without dropping dollars. It's the whole "LoL IP for runes RP for heroes" *** all over again, hahaha.
  7. The Trendy™ Problem™ is that difficulty encountered never equates to rewards gained that satisfy. It's like they totally missed the F2P Gaming episode of South Park, that totally explains what should happen for the froob players to spend money. There's no "YEAH YOU'RE AWESOME" factor, unless you get lucky. Thus, it breaks the cycle, and as such - player unsatisfaction is apparent in the non Zirzor-elitist super <redacted> crowd of people who just harass others having problems with the game since they're done with it. The normal players just ain't getting what they want for time spent. NM5 is only going to make it worse for the players in dire straits, and better for the people who're already elitist geared.
  8. Thanks for proving that I should quit while I'm ahead. I wasn't on when you sent this message. Things to do beyond the game, so I guess that offer's expired.
  9. Agree. As much as I'd love to improve in DD2, the NM3>4 gear gap sucks. In the rare case I actually get a party that's willing to help me along, NM4 drops UCK-FAY ALL in terms of actual, bonafide drops worth a hoot. Then I'm stuck wondering how long it will take to get one piece with decent stats...let alone A WHOLE SET. (Ignoring pets. No dracolich? no care.)
  10. This thread should be closed. It was explicitly discussed in The Devstream not that long ago. Someone asked "IS ABYSS LORD DUE FOR NERFS OR IS EVERYONE ELSE GETTING BUFFED?" Devs responded with "We're going to look into what is lacking for the other classes and buff them accordingly." They don't -want- to nerf the abyss lord, but if whining continues, they may surrender to the likes of the masses. Then I'll just never use mine again, as he's garbage right now due to RNG loot. However, the people like <Name redacted, no witch hunts!>, and other elitist ***bags will say the game's too easy regardless. Whatever. There's your answer.
  11. Well good for you and your gear then. Gear is very very easy to get. You just put the character you want gear for as the only hero in your deck. :P Can you not farm gear? If gear was very, very easy to get - I'd have some. "Can I not farm gear?" Not on a difficulty that matters. The only testing I've done is on NM3 Gates and I can survive that, but I can't DPS bosses without a huntress. My towers are garbage because drops don't occur that are worth it. I can do NM2 all freakin' year, and the drops will SUCK since it's not NM4. So..no. I can't really farm gear. There's nothing I can do about it either, really. Just how the game's designed. Unless I can specifically pinpoint where and how to get gear that actually is..relevant solo, all I can do is join runs doomed to fail and pick up scraps. Here's the scraps on my AL right now, and he can't solo a damn thing on NM4...period. Shame on the relic too. I really like it, BUT NO PASSIVE SO IMPERFECT AND LIKELY TO BE REMOVED
  12. Well, the Abyss Lords that can do anything have such specialized gear. They have Archers with 30k base damage, and that's justified - they can do this. Mine have 10~13k, and I've got the best I can find. Not that anyone completes runs anymore. I personally can't see myself getting anything better. Even if I did have it, I wouldn't know the exact placement. Building never has been a strong point unless it's been REALLY OBVIOUS (IE: First, Second level.)
  13. So...tend to the "enthusiast" (read: those who play 20 hours a day) whales (Wallet-wise.) and ignore the other players that could come in since you know STEAM ADVERTISEMENTS CATCH ATTENTION. Yeah. Let's go with that. Enjoy your island of 80-ish players that beat all the content and sit with a tower up their arse in wait of the next patch. If you don't want the game to be a "EVERYBODY CAN GET TO THE END!" experience, they should just sell it as a gated content for "EXPERTS ONLY". I mean, that - or drop the F2P shiz and put a 25 dollar price tag on it.
  14. You act like everyone with an Abyss Lord can do this. It's kind of silly! I mean, if gear dropped with proper stats in NM3 that WORKED in NM4? Maybe. As it stands now, you have to already have gear just to -attempt- to do this. That, and no one posts these builds - so either it's secret society-tier and should be nerfed, or there's a lot of liars. On that note, many an Abyss Lord says they can solo Betsy, then fail and get pissy...so I dunno. I take this with a grain of salt.
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