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  1. I really hate being placed back in the tavern at the end of a match. I could play private but I go Public because I like having other players to meet and talk to. But when I get kicked back at the end of every damn map because a lot of people are only doing it for their daily loot bonus or daily missions I get so annoyed. Would be really nice if it was people who wanted to stay stayed and people who wanted to leave could leave.
  2. The SA can't crit heal. I don't remember if it its suppose to be able to crit and is bugged or it was just never meant to. Nope the purge cannot crit either. DP is needed for the SA, it boosts the amount it can heal for and the amount the purge hits for which is X% of your defense power. My SA build is DP/DH.
  3. It really comes down to how you would like to play. A friend has an AP Squire build that does stupid damage hitting 1.3 mil slam, constant provoke with the sword and a flame shield that does nearly 40k per tick. I play EV2 because I like using Death from Above to jump around the map. And my proton beam does a cool 600k that can wreck an barely out of the gate. I also have a crit speed bow huntress, I'll use this when I just want to stand on the core and fire at things.
  4. Proton Beams with SA is my current build. Generally don't place walls or AA just so I have something to do in the map. I like doing a lot of hero dps and do not like taking a lot of time to place builds so this is fast.
  5. But do we really know for how long...
  6. I'd like to see the uber spheres drop in price as well. I have the spheres that were useful to me before this recent hero balance patch. With the changes that were made I want to try the Squire beam sphere and the Apprentice cyclone sphere but I will not be spending 5k medals on them, especially since we've been told the 4 original heroes will be going to the large slot system like the new heroes.
  7. There is not a bank or vault sadly, its been talked about many times on the forums but nothing has come from Trendy yet. the reason for not having one at this point might be because our main inventory is already server side (it was PC side in DD1) so also loading in a bank to the tavern might be too much for the servers or cause too much lag to some players. The purple line vs the white line is a bug due to a change made as Arc mentioned. It used to be there was magic resist lanes (purple), physical resist lanes (orange) and normal lanes (white). Basically if it was purple the monsters would take minimal damage from magic attacks such as Lightning Auras or Apprentice attacks and if it was orange less damage from physical attacks like Cannonball Tower or Huntress bow. While this mechanic worked well at lower levels providing a reason for people to try out different heroes and use different towers it became increasingly hard to navigate when getting into the Nightmare difficulties. This mechanic was removed to make way for the upcoming strategic revamp which will see monsters put into squads were the squads will be more or less susceptible to certain types of towers or heroes. A little bit more about the revamp can be read HERE the third post down. I would also love to see an option to always show towers HP. Even if it doesn't show the actual HP number but just the green bar that changes to yellow and then red as it losses HP would be a huge help.
  8. Every game has the likes and the dislikes. The haters speak the loudest so its what you normally see. I enjoy the game but will admit there are areas to improve upon. But from I can tell Trendy knows what most of those areas are. Thanks to the OP for posting something nice.
  9. Chaos are significantly stronger now. They, combined with the drenched combo is what is making that a powerful combo. Not really the LA. But if you take out the LA it makes the chaos less effective. Every piece is what makes this combo strong, take out one element and it no longer acts as intended.
  10. #trendytrolls I almost laughed at your sad reroll but realized its going to happen to me as well.
  11. [[4370,users]] stated HERE that the update is still being patched and is not fully live. Just have to wait a little longer to get on.
  12. I've used the option a couple times. Just seemed worthwhile at the time to spend the 100 medals than the 90k gold. This option might become more useful if the jackpot passive and the medium gold spheres go away.
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