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  1. Clearly their nerf to archers have to be just like their nerf to storm gloves... to the ground.
  2. Going by the complaints about the archer nerf i always beleived a tower should do their job well archers were ment to be the perfect efficient 2 area clearing single target damage dealer, however their damage was over tuned that i was capable of using them to focus on a single lane if i couldn't find a place to put them, and explosive arrows made me question the existence of the ramster defense. Hopefully this nerf push's away from the towers Universal flexiblity and still maintains enough power to cover 2 lanes when used properly. Being said they need to save the face identity of other defens
  3. Archer Nerf is going to basically be the main topic here but im actually glad to see the buff to Ramsters i do wish they would have buffed LA a little bit more and perhaps abit more love to Skyguard Tower aswell.
  4. Im not sure i understand by build do they mean favorite item build such as tank theme'd squires or more so favorite defense combination such as squire barricades LSA aura's and Ramsters that can wet enemies.
  5. While i always love the concept of Never stop growing stronger, like Diablo's paragon levels, I currently think that Dungeon defenders is a tad too easy at present moments, If i were to put forward a overlvling system i would probly award gold for it. granting an extra chunk of ingame currency to help pay for ingame expenditures. ofcourse the other option to add defender medals.
  6. Surprisingly enough i thought i had this too however to option to make the game public or private shows up after you hit the create game button and inorder to create a game you must preselect a map that you wish to go to. The Game Browser is i think more so confusing and poorly communicated which is the main problem.
  7. When i read this i naturally assumed it would be things like 20% increase to boost aura's effectiveness nerf the gear bonus down to 10% boost. after reading everyones worry i actually want to see them nerf archers.
  8. To open my opinion about the the huntress identity i honestly thought she was more focus'd into a high dps/high control kinda kit, as she has a stun and slow tethered to the kit, both on relatively short cooldowns. Similar to that of the Unholy Sword the Midas Bow more so capitalized on a single aspect of the huntress and enhanced it. The Unholy Sword capitalized on the tanking aspect of the squires playstyle and it did it incredibly well, The Midas Bow tried to throw her more into her controlling style of play. While this one didn't turn out aswell as the Unholy sword i don't think the new we
  9. That's your opinion. You must be happy with how the game is atm. Happy AFKing everything are we?, going to stay quiet on things that need to be addressed or of concern? Well that's your provocative. What does this have to do with the huntress reworks exactly, please stop your personal arguments. This topic is about the huntress, so lets keep on topic.
  10. Im not exactly concerned Honestly Character kit wise Trendy has shown that they have learned how to make more interesting and interactive kits. I have great faith that they won't treat the character like a weapon you can choose to equip.
  11. (btw still waiting for bearicades). My money seems to be bouncing of the screen!!!!
  12. For the love of god, please do not re-add Genie. This game really doesn't need mana generation like that because of the lack of large maps. They could make him generate ability mana and create more models that chew through the resource.
  13. Barbarian is dual wielding melee character. Man & Machine is a character who would summon pilotable mechs. The Mystic is a character who wields Dark Magic and has a Serpent God to appease. When they say Pilot-able Mech's one naturally assumes the fact that M&M will jump into his defenses and use them as if they were the hero he were playing. Similar to Barbarian whom was said not to rely on defenses and prefers to wade his way though the front lines. Mystic however said to wield Dark Magic and does whatever it takes to appease her god. The appeal system seems vague is this just an alte
  14. If im not mistaken this might be their attempt to throw more value into the character less on the gear they were talking about doing this, so this probly means a huge arsenal of sphere's obvious problem generated by this is that our gear customization would feel underwhelming. when it comes down to it we'll have to see how it goes. I trust Trendy to consider and perhaps even introduce a vote before they decide what to do with it.
  15. We don't exactly know much about her so there's alot of potential since we hardly know her limits.
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