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    new hero?

    because 90% of what we have are melee/defenses focused heros, and with the new direction of the game we need more melee.
  2. Falak

    new hero?

    How long will it be before we see a new hero?, I have 10k medals, And i don't want to impulse buy if a new hero is going to come soon.. we really need a new hero anyways, Everything we have no is boring.
  3. UPDATE! In order to fix this bug you need to do an incursion and after you complete the incursion you'll be getting level 50 gear drops in chaos!!!
  4. I'm level 50 on both toons in my deck, And im doing chaos one but im not getting anything but level 46 gear
  5. Yeah whatever happened to the barbarian? There was a poll for it like last year and it just got skipped?
  6. So we need a fun hero, everything so far is meh... And catered more towards female hero's, We need something Knight who wields mighty hammers, Or maybe a warrior dual wielding swords and daggers. Anyone else support this?
  7. Si this happens often.. so often that i almost can't play, When trying to join the game it says Request limit exceeded.... Also, IS it possible to make joining games easier, To where i can just click once and join, Because the menu is kinda wonky, And it's actually kinda hard to get to the "join game" option.
  8. Thats exactly what im talking, So community members can contribute to the game.
  9. So i've noticed a lack visual scaling in the game as far as how big item's are.. And characters, like squire primairly, He has tiny legs and looks like he shouldn't be able to walk, And shield's so i'd like to feel like i've earned my right to be called a defender by gearing, So we get this giant swords.. But then to go along with that we get this tiny little deflectors as shields, So is there a maybe place Where we can create item designs like shields and such to be voted into the game for new legendary sets? kind of like trove where the community gets to create weapons for everyone to vote into the game.
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