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  1. That farming rate only applies to players that have time on the weekend to play. The new setup awards more medals to the grinders (with nothing to do on weekends) and less to everyone else (who work or have other things they like to actually do on the weekend) - (your daily roller-coaster that gave a new every 8 hours worked better than grind pallooza which based on reality has a much lower payout in medals for people with lives). And you don't "remove or reduce an initiative" unless it breaks something, those medals would be essentially putting new players closer to their next hero or giving them at least 1 uber sphere. The other point of your initiative was also to get "old players to play the campaign and check it out". The motivation being getting some more medals and some free gems not as a initiative but as a standard reward for all players who complete the new campaign. How does 'not' giving old players a reward for playing through the story increase retention? The patch was essentially 'one new character to grind' for old players and 'an entire new thing to play with and get rewards' for new players. Your trying to retain new and old players at the same time, not just hold new players after they start playing. Why discourage old players from playing the campaign for no reward other than to see your new story? Some players like myself wanted to play the campaign with a new hero from zero and see how to rolls. You just shot the motivation for that out the window. It was something new to do aside from grinding every weekend (daily every 8hr > time waste 3x medals grind). Please reconsider.
  2. Figured out the issue. It was the latest windows 10 patch. Idk about the other guys issue tho.
  3. Evidently my font for posting is also broken as i turned bold off 5 times.....
  4. Evidently my font for posting is also broken as i turned bold off 5 times.....
  5. I am getting this error and I am unable to play the game. Another user has also reported this problem but no one replied to his post? Can we please get some assistance? I have 3 dailies and a weekly to do today and this error is not on the agenda. Please and thankyou. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/131089/could-not-successfully-authenticate-with-steam-error?scrollTo=131089&page=2#131089
  6. I hadn't noticed it until recently, they were working fine for me before. The Malthius attacks were always reflected properly.
  7. There was an odd occurrence where a training dummy teleported a magus that was not in range. Is that 15% chance WHEN the enemy hits the defence? or WHEN the defence hits the enemy? Even if this is not a bug, it confirms my previous post about reflect beams being broken, as there was a reflect beam in front of the dummy when this occurred. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/139056/reflect-beams-broken
  8. Reflect beams seem like they are not properly reflecting projectiles. I have watched several Javelins hit my blockade through the beam. Not sure if its just the Javelin throwers or all projectiles, please check, test and fix. Conditions: Chrome Enemies Training Dummy with reflect beam in front
  9. Technically not a bug. Embermount scales off of ability power, therefor defense power will have zero effect on its damage and the damage rate will not increase. In fact if its being affected by those other defense power boosters? THAT'S the actual bug unless they changed it back to scaling off of defense power.
  10. Scattersweep cost reduction sphere is listed as a medium sphere, found this randomly when i turned on "view all spheres" mode in store. I didn't even know this existed until i randomly found it.
  11. The problem with anything getting tower speed at present is there are unknown hard caps for speed on many items, for example proton beams outright cap out at 100 speed, whereas chaos trap has an increadibly low cap somewhere around 2 seconds that could previously be reached with speedy frosty beams, buff beams, speed spec and who knows if it could have gone even lower with lavamancer eruption (tho i think that ones a rate boost). The way in which speed is used on each defense would need to be evaluated (remember the old geyser trap meta?) so as to be balanced but fair with investment. All in all, we desperately need that revamp that they are constantly mentioning, the sphere remaster that Charr Legion is going for is one step in the right direction. certainly additional item tiers that surpass current would also be excellent with passives removed so that they function properly. We also need proper tower progression from normal to nm4. With all these changes, additional levels wouldn't really be relevant and would just wreck gear collection in my opinion as its just chasing more "perfect rolls" on gear, gear tiers are the way to go for sure.
  12. do you have any more heroes lined up for hero vote? or is barbarian coming out after M&M herowhen is the next vote for anythingwhen is this major revamp you guys keep alluding to coming out? ETA month wise?can i have fries with that?
  13. Unfortunately this suggestion is too similar to the already upcoming hero "Man & Machine" who will be able to enter his defences and take control (possibly even allies but thats still pending).
  14. Not exactly Ideal with the moral system. Towers can generally be placed anywhere on the map from high to low, and no paths are available for them to return to or from whatever height or depth they are placed at. However consider the following. Outposts costs 10 mana and have a radius starting at 3000 meters that can be increased by upgrading or spheres. Outpost's also grant stat boosts to talon gaurds.Upto 5 Talon Guards can be spawned within the radius of the outpost or core's and upto 4 outposts may be active at any time. Guards cost 20 DU, Bannermen cost 40 and Snipers cost 60. The talon guards are free to patrol throughout the pathable area's on which they are placed and will attack whomever comes into range.Here are his abilities. Ability 1 - Command: Talon guards focus on the select enemy while gaining a moral booster (as in damage not your system). 20 ability mana cost. Ability 2 - Reinforcements: Summon a temporary talon guard squadron at your location to assist in defence for 10 seconds. Squad contains 2 Solders, and 1 Sniper. 75 ability mana cost. Ability 3 - Promote: Assigns command of a squad to a select unit who will receive additional stats and help direct troops. 10 ability mana cost. Should the promoted unit perish, all talon gaurds in that outpost are either debuffed for a duration or are stunned for 2 seconds. Ability 4 - Medic!: Summons a Talon Guard Medic to follow you around the field healing you all the while. Should the medic perish, a 10 second cooldown is activated. Reactivate the ability to dismiss the medic. I like your concept though these are the changes I would make
  15. I like the concept however your DU with mana cost is rather out of wack among other things. I would suggest some alterations to your concept. His illusions are like temporary towers and utilize blue mana or even a dual mana pool - a special mana pool like gunwitch's along with normal blue mana, therefor making him a dps hero with a twist. Illusions last 10-20 (debateable) seconds and cost special mana. All abilities stack off of ability power. As for his 4 ability, generally they always want a healing. However getting unique, you could make it so that the hero possesses an illusion, granting healing, and direct control over the illusion with permanent duration until disabled.
  16. No I understood what you mean't. But having gear only apply a set bonus would mean that gear has no base value aside from stats. Getting different gear pieces would be pointless and only sets and weapons would matter. Thats why I think having meaningful build enhancing passives such as the ones currently existing on the storm gear set is important ONTOP of set bonuses like you mentioned. Thus you can mix and match parts of a set to get the desired result. An example would be using the 3 storm items for its set bonus (whatever it might be) and getting while using your example molten set and gaining its 2 item bonuses (want the beams but not the weapon manufacturing), in addition to, say one meaningful passive on the gear piece, like storm gloves projectile, or storm helmet mana increase and mana gain. Thus we can mix and match gear pieces to meet our needs in two aspects, and keeping it much simpler than what already exists whilst preserving the "any character can use this".
  17. As an addition I forgot to mention, don't forget to add medals for every onslaught wave completed with increasing returns at higher difficulties. These changes will Make the game more appealing and have meaninful choicesMake your jobs heluva lot easier with more relevant additions to the game and less cleanup work Focus your efforts in each direction, spheres for build focus on small and medium while build changing and defining spheres for large and uber. The same for passives, focused direction on sets that with all pieces have additional effects, and individual pieces also proving meaningful benefits (like the storm gear, just need to add a set bonus to it).
  18. Third - I agree. However the smaller spheres, what they currently have for main 4 heroes, should take the place of those mini passives in my opinion, but should be meaningful. A small passive could take the place of say all the old existing damage increasing passives for cannonball as an example, making that sphere meaningful, and allowing us to dictate what specialization we want to use. All small spheres would be aimed at is damage boosting passives or range passives. Medium spheres would be aimed at the more beneficial and focused passives, such as lightning Aura's attack rate increase (rate isn't speed, rate bypasses speed caps). Large spheres would be what they are now, game changers that alter the way we play, while the ubers could be what they were originally intended, radically changing the way a tower or skill functions. 4 Large, 2 Uber, and however many small and medium it takes to balance out what we have possible with passives in addition to spheres. Example as we have crit passives AND spheres. There should only be 1 tier of crit (not the two you have thankyou, wasteful), and multiple copies to allow a specialization. Seventh - I agree to this as well. Gear should provide generic bonuses and set bonus like the storm gear for example. Providing meaningful benefits, such as the helmets increased mana cap and chance to rapidly restore mana, the gloves lightning ball addition to attacks, the boots movement boost (because we really shouldn't need to use spheres for this) and ability power splash on drop, and finally the taser suit that can stun enemies if they hit you. These are the kinds of things that should be on gear, meaningful equipment with variation in numbers that can be used by any class. Thus the grind is aimed at better numbers on a gear, rather than trying to even find the desired gear. Eighth - I agree, keep passives on weapons and relics to help define builds, though i would like to comment on your earlier statement of explody archer arrows being on spheres. The spheres should have good ones, while there should also be weapons that also provide these unique bonuses such as explody archer arrows. Though no duplicates, like how currently EV2 can get freezing proton on both weapon and relic, the proton should be fused and set to a variable of 4-6 (as each individual can get 2-3). You could have them spawn on both, but not stack, as this allows players more freedom of choice rather than saying "I need both of these to make my build stronger/effective". Fourteenth - I like this idea. Onslaught is survival however I think the player should be able to select any wave previously beaten, as such if an uber wave appears at higher difficulty one isn't stuck trying to win that wave with inferior defences, but work your way back up from a slightly easier difficulty while still providing a challenge. That or checkpoint waves that can be continued from including the last wave you managed to complete (every 5? 10?). That's my opinion on the matter. Glade you finally got it out so I could add my 4 cents. Hope trendy takes it under advisement as I definitely agree. Small gear passives are junk, and the small sphere system should take over in that aspect while gear should provide meaningful and defining bonuses. It also makes it easier to balance as your only looking at how spheres interact with each other rather than spheres and passives (armour sets and special weapons aside). The spheres system should really get the love and focus in needs, I mean the uber spheres were a great way to completely alter the way we play, but weren't capitalized on. Reign in the creativity train (I know how fun it can be) and minimize the damage playing field so you have better direction.
  19. Currently when floating all abilities are disabled. This weapon encourages ability power focus, so why shouldn't we be able to use Chi Blast and Heroic wave while floating? It doesn't entirely make sense for a character to focus attack and ability power while only really focus on floating and lightning without actually using the characters base abilities.
  20. Please reduce character swap animations for unique skins. It's not exactly nice when a player wants to use a nice skin but the immobile time is doubled because of a shiny animation. IE the scarecrow skin thats on sale at present takes 3 seconds after char swap to move so it can fall over and stand up. Please standardize the immobile duration on all skins to whatever it is on normal skins (1.25s / 1.5s?).
  21. That loses some possible speed from some defenses (mainly chaos and explosive trap), doesn't change the fact that some of these have caps that probably shouldn't be there because they aren't making the defenses OP (ESPECIALLY since we are losing frost fire).
  22. Very well more info we shall have. Apprentice 94 speed boost frostyMonk 5% gear lightning rate100 speed stat100 + 5% lightning aura 0.89s (idk why)100 + 9% 0.86s0 speed 1.25swith 5% 1.2swith 100 speed 0.94add frost 0.72sadd buff and no frosty 0.71sadd both no changewith new 9% rate and buff beam 0.68sHuntress 100 speed stat 0 speed chaos trap 4s100 speed chaos trap 3swith frosty boosted 2.43swith buff beam 2.4swith both 2.02s0 speed geyser 8s100 speed geyser 6swith frosty boosted 5.5swith buff beam 5,5swith both no change0 explosive trap 2.5s100 1.88sadd buff beam 1.5sadd frosty 1.52sadd both 1.26sEV2 0 speed, 0.6s proton100 speed 0.3seither buffs 0.3sboth buffs 0.3sall speed modifiers 0.3sSo in conclusion. There is no simple 100 speed cap, it is different for each clearly dictating that there are hard caps we were not made aware of (some bizarre) however that still does not explain lightning aura with its queer (this is the correct usage of the word) behavior at 0.71 seconds cap with all speed modifiers. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess chaos trap has a hard cap of 2s (no way to boost it past this value to check even with perfect 100 frosty). The % rate increase bypasses the hard cap speed limit it seems. This is why it has such an odd number. It probably functions similar in the fashion panic fire did, thus why it bypasses speed cap geyser trap cap 5.5sassumed chaos trap cap 2sassumed explosive trap cap 1.25sproton beam cap 0.3sassumed lightning aura unmodified cap 0.75s / 0.8sunrelated personal test of Ballista with 294 defense speed and buff beams 2.43s (base is 5s i believe?)So it may not be a bug, but we were not informed of any speed cap values. How can we give proper feedback on limitations we are not informed of? Why are some of the limitations what they are? How can we take advantage of maximum speed benefits when some defenses hit their speed cap way too quickly? (geyser trap, lightning aura). You may also wish to know Ballista must have an extremely low (or nonexistent) cap because if the player (myself when testing) has 100 speed cap with both speedy harpoon mods and buff beams, and i don't hit the cap, what are we to think? (hit 2.43 shots per second btw, i d presume the cap might be 2s?)
  23. It feels now like pet progression has grinded to a halt now that dailies no longer award affection items. The only other ways now are to either spend defender medals or grind it them out one by one on an active character. I would recommend allowing pets that are currently in the deck also gain affection. Even if its at half the rate per round some progression is better than zero for example we shouldn't need to have a pet for defense power and crit be equipped to a DPS character just so that it can grow.
  24. Did i explicitly say it should have the same cap as proton? Or did i say that the cap for proton at 0.30 is fair and (completely separate statement) that lightning Aura shouldn't be capped at an odd 0.71 (if it is)? And as an added note if there are caps we should be told of them so we know when we hit them and give helpful feedback on said speed caps?
  25. When exactly are these coming out? Ideally It would only take a day (or less) to do a bit of styling and display the details of the skill wouldn't it? Your just telling us info you already have and just adding text (and a few data calls). For example: Skeletal Archers Deals x% of DP per hit - show current value (like when we inspect) Deals x% of DCD as added damage - show current value (like when we inspect) Has x% of DH as life - show current value (like when we inspect) Has # DS and (and list any caps) - show current speed (like when we inspect) Has # DR - show current range (like when we inspect) You would do something even simpler for abilities (mostly). Sword beam Deals x% of AP and x% of HD per hit - show current damage per hit value Deals x% of HCD as added damage - show added crit damage These values give the players something to build around and craft with. It also helps us alert you to discrepancies in what they should be vs what they actually are, like if a patch rolls out and some of the values change by accident or by the wrong values. Please consider this.
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