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  1. Just finished, age 21. I'll let you know if I want the mana, but chances are I don't need any lol. You could give it to a friend of mine, if you want. Let me know: interwebhobo
  2. Dont get me wrong. I normally pay alot for useless things like skins from LOL. But these arnt even that great with subpar skills. I just expected more for my $4, and regret buying it. Seems like wasted money. I expected less from my 15$, so as far as I can tell, it's still weighing in at the "I got a steal" side.
  3. I bought the DLC to support this game that's provided me with 3x-7x as much fun as any other 50-60$ game...
  4. Steam says I can't add you, so if room opens up, - steam ID: Interwebhobo
  5. It's nice, yes? It seems to attack faster now, too. :D
  6. I just put about 10.5m into a sword that now sells for 17m....
  7. Time to bring out your Traptresses, for they are now a superpower...
  8. bumpo, doing surv so I'll be on a while longer.
  9. There is blatant sexism on both sides for nearly everything. The difference is that usually, and I say usually, it is the female crowd that is complaining about sexism. I haven't really seen the male crowd get upset over how males are generally portrayed. Just pointing that out. It's only bad because of the stigma attached to it due to oversensitivity. Actually this isn't true at all...
  10. I dont understand the conversion rate of the exp -> upgrades. Is it going to be half the exp you get = mana value that the pets are going to get? I hope not. If so, that chicken is going to take 600m XP, or 1.2b real-time (xp for pets is halved) XP which is nutso.
  11. Dont forget that the higher the mana cap goes the more mana higher end pets will cost in the shop. Though i have yet to see a 50m pet, but the current max cost of a pet is 30m, those being Animus's and Guardians. The reason for the raise in mana cap is for the addition of high cost pets and future content to deal with the cost of said content. Either way, until the new content is released we wont know what effect raising the cap will have on shop items and such. And ive said this before, but mana farming on DD like its an MMORPG is just sad.. the fact people actually buy mana is beyond
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