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  1. So this isn't a bug, just a bit of a misunderstanding. The Talent Caps portion of the 2nd screenshot (the one about the confirm Ancient Power) increases your Ascension talent caps. When you look at the Ascension, you will notice that most of them are 0/999 (some will still be at 20 or 50). Before the Ancient Power your Ascensions are capped at 140. Even though your Talent Caps are well above the 999 cap (1411 +140 from the baseline) it will cap at 999. The area that is giving you the Ascensions is the Min. Asc. Level. This is the number that is giving you the 765 Ascensions (2295 divided by 3). This number is increased based upon your "Highest Achieved Floor" and "Highest Achieved Ascension". If you want to look at the math or see some more info about this you can look at the wiki (https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Ancient_Power_Calculations) . Hopefully this explains things a bit for you
  2.  https://clips.twitch.tv/SpotlessHelpfulOrcaGingerPower just gonna leave this here, yet again, I got the animation, but no idea how to make it happen properly
  3. So I just tried to shoot the Skeleton with the pirate hat hanging under the bridge, and it had an animation
  4. It's not bad, but the cooldown was sorely needed due to the spamming that was happening. I honestly find the cooldown really nice and it's really smooth if you're using the Inspiration shard. Hero Damage builds are still viable, I still run quite a few hero damage builds, but alot of Hybrid builds are becoming good as well. Lavamancer is really good with a hybrid build (Ability Power, Hero Damage, Hero Crit Damage as main gear, with a couple pieces replacing Hero damage or having health on the weapon works as well). Abyss Lord I haven't played with much yet since the patch, but will be getting around to him very very soon. Dryad is really good with a hybrid build since she does have good healing in purification form, and really good mix of damage in corrupt form. Also gonna be messing with a hybrid Mystic very soon which I think will turn out nicely in theory. But I wouldn't drop all your hero damage gear just yet, hero damage is still good.
  5. There should be a post called "1000 Ways to Kill A Roller" There are an endless amount of ways to kill a roller, some kinda slow, and some really fast. My Personal favorite way is with an Initiate (AP Gear) and the combo that you can use with her abilities. It does take a little bit of setup but it works fairly well and can be repeated with little downtime. I use the Smashing Fist shard and Crane Stance shard and get 6 stacks of Crane Stance and when the roller spawns I move fairly close to it where I can use a Crippling Chi Wave, into a Chi Stomp, and then hit it with a left click. Generally takes a good portion of the roller's health within a few seconds if everything hit in the weak spot. Not to mention Flamethrowers when positioned can hit the weak spot do alot of damage to it as well, most towers that can hit that area are good, some traps can as well if they are placed correctly. Squires Slam can work as well, kinda falls under the category of the mana bomb, where it does really good damage with AP (Ability Power) Gear, and also stuns it to give you some time to do free damage to not worry about the rockets, or to heal up if you just got hit without getting interrupted.
  6. It's....Beautiful and kinda horrifying at the same time lol
  7. I fully support what dreamanime said about relying on a single shard. Is it helpful? Absolutely, but I don't think it is required. Taking what you currently have and making it work for you is key in my opinion. I don't use it on most of my dps builds because I am weird and like doing things slightly differently. Full Disclosure though I am saying this even though I have one or two, and also would love to have it reintroduced. lol
  8. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him at all since update as well, which is kinda weird since I would see him at least twice an hour before the update.
  9. They did , but I didn't mind it that much, overall I think it's for the best, since it does help balance things out with the amount of damage it can do at times.
  10. This sounds like a really bad idea and yet I'm becoming more and more interested in this.
  11. Just a Small Bump, in 2 Days (June 7th) I will be celebrating my birthday and will be doing a 12 hour livestream! I was lucky enough to get a couple hero codes to give away that day! Only following the channel will be required to enter the giveaways! Hope you will stop by and say hello!
  12. Hey Guys, figured I would put this out there since I'm streaming fairly regularly. I've been streaming DD2 almost daily for a little over a month with a bit of variety in here and there. I figured that I would post here and welcome anyone to stop by and say hi, or ask questions! I generally do Farming for most Chaos tiers (almost done with getting max stat C7), but I also do what I like to call Teaching Time where I will take time out to help people who are struggling with the lower chaoses and let them build, and help them learn to do better placements and learn to play the game better as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you stop by! General Start Time is around 12PM Eastern Daily! Link Is Here!
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