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  1. Why the hell would you want them to fix that -_-
  2. 1. 999 2. Banana - throws bananas at you that do damage over time 3. Super Crazy Town - A town in which there is 1 wave of insane amounts of goblins that run around. They do a tonne of damage. No defense units and a boss wave at the end (drops a stick that is for every class and has amazing stats)
  3. Tottaly agreed. People are pissed cause they just don't want to put their time into this game well, they don't have to. People saying "NERF THIS NERF THAT I NEEDZ TO BE ABLEZ TO PLAY BECUZ I SUKZ AND CBA TO DO SURVIVAL THEN UMF THEN NIGHTMARE & ST00F MAKE IT GO INSANE - NIGHTMARE" Oh wait. THAT WOULDN'T BE A CHALLENGE *facepalm*
  4. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
  5. They do it on pc because it's really cheap to bring emm out thats why consoles haven't been getting them. Would cost way too much money
  6. That sounds. Awesome. Wow. I. Never. Thought. Of. It. BRAVO!
  7. Stop QQ'ing and fecking deal with it! Like evreyone is saying. Rething your strats. Huntress traps and auras are the main uses in the new patch and for that boss a mining or aoe weapon is good so it kills spiders too. Just get on a fast character and strafe bro!
  8. Ooh look another idiot that can't take a challenge and hates updates to a game so it's better.
  9. Was 20 for proxies in Nightmare. It's now 13.. wtf?
  10. Used to be like 3 runs of insane glitter now it's like 30. Effort much? And for my builders well. I just aint gonna bother. Please change this I cba to do glitter insane like 300 times...
  11. Can't wait for this patch come on I'm getting tired :( (english)
  12. how much base damage would these weapons need to do over 200k dps?
  13. Closest to 540 damage and their attack speed caps you can find are what you want damage wise. Also have you tried an ornamental crossbow? It's slower than the bonebow, but it has full piercing instead of single enemy pierce. No idea what an ornamental crossbow is
  14. How do you know if a Bone Bow, Flamethrower and disc shooter are good. Would like to know how much base damage that you need them to start with to be good. I wanna buy one for UMF cause I cba to do Survival. Edit: would also like to know how much they should be :)
  15. Why have they made UMF for non survival people but none of them can do it?
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