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  1. Granted but now regular attacks take three times as long and only do half damage I wish I was never tired and could play DD forever! granted, but now you have no electricity wherever you go. I wish they would buff countess/squire melee
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967853201/screenshot/614971580768975828?tab=public 221 Upgrade trishooter, suspect though IMO. The guy who had this has a shop filled with 200+ upgrade stuff...here's a screenshot of his questionable armor:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967853201/screenshot/614971580768974369 He claims that it was a UI bug and that it was really a 126 upgrade chest...this is from the same guy who 'claims' to be clearing UMF2 NM. From his gear I'd say he is def clearing it, although I HIGHLY doubt he's doing this legitimately. And yeah, I refuse
  3. I have no qualms with giving trendy my money for a quality product. Which when I was looking at the trailer Hot damn I was ready to give them my money. But then I learn its 4 dollars for 1 campaign map, 1 challenge (Most likely on the same map) and a PvP map (Seriously? A SLIGHT code rework?) This was supposed to DOUBLE the amount of content already in the game, and for MORE cost than the original game I was hoping it damn would. But instead we get a tacked on PvP map (Who the hell plays PvP?) to make it look like there is more to the package. Gee thanks. We get 4 (Maybe 6) maps
  4. sigh. you know there are inherent costs to releasing material via steam. How did you expect them to offset that plus pay their own bills. I don't know many PC games or games in general where DLC is free. Why are people complaining about this? I mean seriously the company has got to pay its bills as well, its not like they are rolling in the dough. Sigh I guess for the next week all I'm gonna see is "OH NOES I HAVE TO PAY MONEH FOR NEW CONTENZORS!" Agree fully, people need to realize that there are more external factors in developing software such as cost of labor, utilities, building rent
  5. Trendy already has proven very helpful with constant updates for PC and planned content for consoles and PC. People need to understand the constant updates for PC only prove to fix problems that currently exist. It has been stated that the console version is limited to a certain amount of updates per year. So in return of limited updates for console, they need to make sure they can pack as much as they can total into the console update than they need to worry about with PC. Secondly, this is an indie game that is constantly expanding and is extremely reasonably priced. Expecting Trendy to m
  6. nice work maj ^^ it was fun coming out and seeing the hordes of people come and get some gear that can help them survive, in turn of reading this I gave away some good 50^+ armor and looking to help more people that I find... after my finals are over that is!
  7. it would be of use to know the steam id of the person who dropped it, but since its apparently found and char names can be changed at the drop of a hat... no real reason to report the "forged by:" persons name, because they can change it as is...
  8. imo it should be deleted.... get rid of it, dont let anyone have it, trash it
  9. 480~580k dps with call to arms on my countress
  10. rollbacks are very rare... and its possible that they were hacked items that dont update to trendynet's server in which causes u to give them mana, *updates* and give you pet *doesnt update* therefore lost pet.
  11. i like alchy labs for the no wyverns... as a countress i have a hard time with flying mobs... *continues to jump trying to hit wyverns*
  12. lol wow.... thank god i just finished wave 14 of uber... that crud is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE >.< ...or well super fricken hard
  13. I came across another cash shop, he made his steam profile hidden so it wont show his name, but I can guarantee that this is his account http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kaileefox/screenshot/632984400836240612
  14. but galactic, how certain are you that your squire can take 12-14 8mil hp ogres at one time... cuz as far as I know, its not really possible as a melee
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