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  1. ^^^^ This... i don't know if it's my imagination but he seems to get stronger over time too. My first time killing him on nightmare, I got him down to about 600k HP and decided to just mess around for a while upgrading/repairing. After a couple of hours my defenses were all taking considerably more damage per second. I believe he acts like the regular monsters as the wave time increases. Monsters get stronger over time the longer a wave goes as well. While monsters get health/damage boosts over time, bosses only get a damage boost the longer the wave goes. I tend to think of it as a soft enrage timer as you will eventually get to the point where the damage will just overwhelm you.
  2. Well, they raised it once before, if I recall... This is quoted directly from previous patch notes: * Increased AFK Shops Mana Cap to 2,000,000,000, and those have reached their Shop Mana Cap are unable to sell anything further until some Mana is depleted. They also raised the soft cap to 400 million, and then later 600 million. It's not as hard-coded as you think. Please, research a little bit before you make a statement like this. Unless they specifically said they can't raise the mana caps any more because it's hard-coded, there's no proof that they CAN'T raise it. As its been said, its a signed 32 bit integer. The only thing they can possibly do is change it from signed to unsigned integer (i.e go from 2^31 to 2^32). That would change the cap to 4.29B which is the absolute max. The reason they were able to change it in the past was due to the integer still being 32bit (they just put a hard cap on it much like the current hard cap at 2B). It would have to be completely recoded to change it from a 32bit integer. Now I do kinda wish they keep some sort of mana sink with the tokens (like they are currently). The 20% mana penalty was a fairly fair value for going above the caps. Upgrade costs only do so much to remove mana. With no token mana penalty, prices are pretty much going skyrocket up.
  3. Played the PvP here and didn't like it. Class balance just isn't there (and I don't want to see the TD aspect changed solely on PvP balance). Really I prefer if PvP was more like the competitive TD map as it fits with the TD aspect of the game design. If you want pure PvP then other games do it far better.
  4. Well you can't cap things like the major stats (hero speed for example) on items. Reason being is say you had a +400 speed on a piece of gear and -300 on another bringing it to the 100 cap. If it got capped then you'd be stuck with -200 net speed from those 2 gear pieces. But for the others (like block%), it would be nice to have it clamped at its normal max. Same goes for the guardian stats just so people don't get confused that +80 guardian power is equal to +40 guardian power.
  5. How can you say that sharken taking twice the time to die is not a problem?? How many times have you seen them fall into your gas trap and in between triggers waking up already in charge mode, bye bye defenses. For 1, you set up the gas traps where they still arn't in range of your towers (meaning they still move forward before getting into tower range. My Aura or Traps are the only things that damage the Sharken as they are generally either LoS'ed for my Ogre towers or to far back. If one ever did make it into charge range, the single Harpoon I generally use targets it and since it sat in an aura/trap for so long, only a few hits and its dead. [quote] And the reverse blockades working, yeah, most of the time, until an ogre or two magically slip in between two tightly (in case you were going to say that I wasn't placing them properly) set blockades. [/quote] That happens with EV Walls too. I've see it happen most often on the later wave of SV's where Ogre's get past my EV walls and spike walls. That's not specific to the EV being immune to that. [quote] Something is up in here, all these people suggesting that you can do just fine without EV or Summoner, have either overblown stats on the 4 originals, and we are talking of more than 2500, or have devised some kind of magical non EV setups, in which case please head to ddplaner and share it with the rest of us, because all I can see there are EV reliant builds, with a couple of exceptions, which are builds made for older pre sharken/djinn versions of the game. [/quote] NONE of my characters have 2500 in any stat. Most of my aura/trappers are in the 1000-1500 range. My harpooner is at 2200 damage but 500 tower rate and my app has 1800 damage & 900 tower rate. My non-EV waller (I have yet to make an EV waller as I've been lazy) has around 2500 in Tower Health (getting a waller class is extremely simple and not expensive). As it was said before, EV maybe makes things a little easier, but by no means is required.
  6. SV can and has been done without support with an EV. Frankly people keep pointing at the sharken as a problem without EV. What does EV really do to handle sharken. The standard way of killing sharken is a combination of a Gas Trap with either an Electric Aura or Inferno Trap. EV's buff beam only increases the damage of them while they are basically perma stunned by the trap. So take out the buff beam, it only takes at the very very most, twice as long to kill them. Time isn't a factor though if they are perma stunned. The EV really only shortens Wave Times. As for the walls, the old way which still works fine is the reverse spike cade. Ogre's should never be an issue on how long they are up as they should not be attacking your walls. So all general trash is handled by the Aura/Trap and the Ogres handled by harp/fire tower. That just leaves spiders. EV walls really were never used for these so its pointless with that since they are handled by either a bouncer or a wall+Proxy Trap. Sure if your build is reliant on harpoons then you need the buff beams but if your reliant on harpoons, then your build already fails.
  7. Nice points though I do have 1 opinion. There was a dps comparison done between the Fireball and Harpoon tower. Both do around the same DPS per DU. One pierces in a line, one does an aoe splash. Fireballs are generally superior to harpoons on lanes where you get a buildup of Ogres as the harpoon generally only damages and pierces 1 while the fireball hits them all. Its why the general recommendation is 1 fireball and 1 harpoon per lane supported by either auras or traps to clean the trash.
  8. Upgrading reflections where ogre's go is extremely helpful. Upgrading increases the return damage multiplier (If the attack was going to do 20k and gets reflected on a 40x beam, Then the max hit would return 800k damage. Do note though that if your using Str. Drain Auras, it actually weakens the value as the reflected damage is what the attack was giong to do.
  9. Insane Glitter SVHC is about 15million in 45mins. Insane Aquanos SVHC is 25-30mil in 70-90mins. If you have low stats, Aquanos can get a little hard beyond waves 25 and glitter might be better for you.
  10. Also always go xp runs in Survival. The experience is exactly the same as campaign if you start at the same wave and go thru. But you no longer have to build your defenses every 10ish minutes. With the SV wave mob count nerf a while ago, its far superior then any campaign leveling. When your build fails then you just make a new one. Glitter SV from waves 5 to 25 is about 14-16m in 45 minutes. Aquanos SV to wave 30 is about 26 million in 70-90 minutes.
  11. It will be the same regardless if you buff the buff beam first or the towers first. The reason its better to buff the buff beam first is that the increases is more then what you would get if you just buffed 1 tower. Even with say 1 harpoon in a 4 DU buff beam, you want to buff the beam first since the buff beam essentially is 4 stats in 1.
  12. I find that ogre's' arn't really going over walls, they are going around them. If you leave a small gap on either of the ends of the wall, the ogre's on the later waves will slide thru that gap as they slide against the wall trying to get to the tower hitting them.
  13. Look for shops that say something about 25+ Misty/Morrago/Aquano's Loot (sometimes It has trans in the name). Generally they can have myths that can have stats 150-200ish. The 200ish base stats or higher gear are pretty much floor or trading forum spots.
  14. A lot of the top end gear is gotten by trading mana tokens. If you go to the trader's forum, the top end gear is usually sold for a value of mana tokens (generally each token is 200m). Several shops also have items for sale on the tavern floor for >600m mana or mana tokens but you need to talk to the seller.
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