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  1. Myth Van Wolf that came up in my store. Not as high a base damage as most NM UMF guns, but still cool to see. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009858538/screenshot/596957222623731110?tab=public. Cost a good 50 mil though :(
  2. So what you're saying is you're charging people $10-16 for access to content you don't think they "should" even attempt, much less complete? Me and my friends consider ourselves pretty hardcore gamers and we're still too ticked off at nightmare mode to even bother trying it at the moment. We'll wait until that sort of attitude improves, as well as your ability to test a game patch properly. That sounds really questionable, at the very least. I still can't get over how you release a major patch and then have to patch it three times in less than 24 hours to fix problems that shouldn't have ev
  3. Mistmire Forrest on Insane. Takes a bit more work but you can get 3-4 million per run. If you wish not to fight the boss, just restart before she spawns. Just remember to buy the boost when you level up. It helps.
  4. With a fast enough charge (70-120) the App can charge almost instantly.
  5. Physical Tower. As in, all the squire towers pretty much.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009858538/screenshot/594705241866937552?tab=public Sauce on the sword. Still has upgrades to go.
  7. Downed Alch boss with a squire and got a Malificar's Rapier with 119 upgrades and a whopping 1735 base poison damage. 199 Physical 1735 Poison 36 Knockback -32% Block No negative stats.
  8. Thanks for making me laugh good sir. :squire:
  9. Not talking about nightmare mode friend, talking about spiders... please keep topic on track. Considering the fact the spiders are the only drastic difference between Insane and Nightmare, I thought I was. Sure the spiders have more ways to ruin your day, however they are also not as sturdy as warriors.
  10. And? Remember your first Ogre encounter? How intimidating that was? And how proud you felt after you beat it? This DLC has been out for less than 3 hours. Don't be so quick to declare: "IMPOSSIBLY HARD!" right off the bat. This is Nightmare mode. Not insane. I die all the time and I lose all the time; but the satisfaction of beating a map is wonderful. Please don't be so quick to try and take that away. :kobold:
  11. I applaud Trendy for making an awesome challenge. I die all the time, I lose all the time; but my god, when I win... It's awesome. Don't change a thing.:squire:
  12. Protip: Lightning Towers. Also, please don't cry for the last vestige of challenge to get nerfed. Pretty please?
  13. It's because of players like you who that title themselfs of HARDCORE and open threads like "look my big epeen" and "i can solo this bla bla bla" or "look i can finish this soo quick i can even fap with other hand" makes Trendy release stuff soo quick and making things harder but harder that only 6hours per day we can catch something up. PS: Dont forget to say, you have armor/weapon that NO MORE DROP. You know what im talking about. Those damn hardcores. How dare Trendy let people who play more have better chances at better loot!? Why this is unheard of! *sarcasm*
  14. :O ! Shark mounted dinosaurs with skeletons rocking out hard on a twin axe ?! Epicus Maximus... we meet again ≖_≖
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