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  1. The reason they haven't released a bunch of content quickly one after another was that they did it before but started to pile up bugs in the game over and over until now they got to bug fixing more as they released more content now. So they extended it just to make sure it has as few bugs as possible as it would be horrible if it started causing black screen accordingly to certain people some on pc I'm not sure about consoles though.
  2. They most likely wouldn't do that since it would make farming or grinding too easy as it was before. They added the other maps to implent variety as why they added more maps to chaos 7. I underst and sometimes a certain map can be annoying for me it's buried Bastille and I'm only in chaos 6 and its only annoying having to build it since it's a big map and all but it is to change the pace. But I see where you are go ing with the ideas of choosing maps to play.
  3. Ok so to start off the ideas is maybe a dragon type character maybe a Betsy egg dropped in mana and it went through an evolution and was raised by humble humans. That the dragon like character adapted and had a human like body idk whether to have it to be able to build towers but I'll get to that in a moment, ok as I was saying he would come from one of the eggs from the story mission when you faced off Betsy and one of her own eggs fell into the nest that you protect in the campaign mode. So as it falls and as they take it it accidentally falls a pool/ puddle of mana, causing it to have side
  4. They have that but only on pc which sucks a bit if they were somehow able to do that maybe they could have it where you press L3 twice to switch between modes and then press L3 to go back to your deck the 4 already in it. But that's for the ps4 idk about other the xbox.
  5. So I know that there are already heroes coming out already and we don't need as many heroes but more new maps or difficulties or even newer modes but i thought since they're already starting the gender swap heroes of the heroes already released. But I thought maybe some ideas will help inspire newer abilities for the gender swap heroes or maybe concept art ideas for them. So share and have fun and advise my gobu army.
  6. When you enter the token shop and try to scroll down it keeps bumping you up to the top of the list. Also, you can see all the items you can purchase but if you try to purchase any of them (assuming you have enough wyvern tokens) it gives you a message that says "Transaction Error: Missing shop data (or invalid Shop)" and does not allow you to purchase that item. Please fix this in the next hotfix i've been waiting for a while to get my elemental chaos uber :) This also started happening to me and I started to get frustrated til eventually I got to the key and it said I got it and it took m
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