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  1. It's hard to believe these words when history shows exactly what has happened, over and over again. The situation you're in is nothing new. It happened from DD1 to DD2 and then from DD2 to DDA. DD2 was a major slap in the face to the entire fanbase and playerbase, and now you're about to do the same with DDA. Chromatic has failed this IP over and over - and I am not here to point fingers at individuals, I am talking as a company or studio overall. It's even still on this very forums : https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/159461-chromatic-games-dd2/?tab=commen
  2. The problem is that some of us have been down this road. Multiple times. A few months ( or...over a year ago...? geez) I was active around the forums and I criticised the game and it's direction several times. Promises kept being made, and little was done with the game. Regardless of the company name, the Dungeon Defenders name was almost destroyed and truly harmed during this process. Your Community kept telling you what they ( we / I ) wanted. Multiple times. Over the years. Nothing was done for the most part. It split the community into groups.
  3. Worse. DD1 had so many different game modes, that you literally had a game for all tastes. I know DD2 White Knights will bash me ( as ALWAYS ) and tell me to go back to DD1, but I find it sinful to create a successor to DD1 and not actually LEARN from it. DD1 had challenge AND fun. Cause it splitted the game modes. It allowed you to enjoy the game at YOUR DAMN PACE DD2 FORCES ME constantly to "enjoy" the game as "they" see fit. That's it. I could get gear from a *** load of different modes and mix-match the way to play. how can a game as old as DD2 ( don't give me the Early access crap t
  4. oh yes, i so agree. In fact i bank on that concept. I try to think of things that i would actually spend money for, and what would motivate me to either pull out my wallet, or just keep playing vs. the things that make me put the controller down and turn my PS4 off. My hopes are to keep the game fun enough that we all love playing it, even if it is an endless grind. DD1 did this in spades. It did not have an AP/POTA system in it, but the only reason i stopped playing it was the servers got turned off (and my PS3 melted down....again). Fun comes first. if we are having fun, we will keep forkin
  5. I heard that last year. Still the same crap. Can't believe I've been away for almost 8 months and nothing came out of those promises. It's still the same " We have great stuff coming! HYPE FOR NEW FEATURES!" Then nothing happens. Literally. Nothing. Same hard counters. Still limited gameplay. Crap loot / interesting gear. Pet's still suck. I can't believe that after DD1 you still haven't implement some of the stuff that made DD1 truly unique and amazing. Here's a hint : ITS FRIGGIN GAMEPLAY FREEDOM
  6. As I commented on the main thread about this patch. Seems that we are once again locked into specific builds/modes to get gear. The more "we" ask for the game to be Open and have more freedom, the more they lock it down and force us into something . Hooray. Is it that hard and too much to ask to scrap this fakking Trials system and just create a free for all game mode that lets us play the damn game without hard counters being forced on us or bull*** strategies just to achieve stars? Good lords, it's like there was never a game like this before that perfectly achieved THAT
  7. I made this exact request a bit before and during Trials request. I said the exact same thing. Transparency , communication and honesty were vital. Yet, we're still CONSTANTLY left in the god damn dark every. SINGLE.TIME. All we get is a "Expect more soon" "soon " "more stuff soon " "more news soon" "new stuff soon " "end game Soon" Soon. Soon. Soon there will be a very small player base that actually cares and supports 'cause no one cared to actually communicate with the playerbase. Hell, for Console we don't even get an announcement for Double XP weekends In game. How hard i
  8. Funny how I've said most of these things since the Trials patch ( and even a bit before ) and I was a doomsayer and TE would make sure we would never get to this point. I don't even have the strength nor willpower to post a Nelson ah ah! cause I'm just sad this is the state of DD2 when DD1 was such an amazing game.
  9. It's no secret I've been quite vocal about the short comings of DD2 and my views have matched HSB quite often. With that said, my take on what was said Hard Counters have been discussed to death. They are NOT good. It's that simple. One of the best examples of this is the new Yeti's incursion which allows for some fun builds without worrying too much about hard counters. Hero DPS is all over the place at the moment, but honestly, it's not that bad. You can essentially play any hero right now and be useful/serviceable. Sure, some might do something a bit better, but it's not that bad. Obvi
  10. cause hard counters are super fun meta /s
  11. Perhaps there were some scenarios where my walls had to be on top of a stairs so, the roller is completely disconnected from the flooring. This makes taking out the roller as a dryad impossible, and I had to switch out to my nuke monk to do it. But you see, not everyone has the luxury of having so many things to switch out too, plus tight corridors on some maps which lead to walling on the top of the stairs pretty common. Greystone plaza middle path for example? There are more maps, but I can't match names to them at the moment. It feels quite silly to have to think "Oh I can't kill a sie
  12. Which platform (XBox or PS4)? PS4What region? Europe What country? PortugalWhat are your download and upload speeds? Make sure to specify with Mbs (Megabits) or MBs (Megabytes). 100MBs Download, 50MBs UploadHow long are your game sessions? between 1 hour to 6 Hours depending on the day.Are you noticing the lagging/rubberbanding at the beginning of the play session, or after playing for a while (if after a while, how long)? Random. Mostly when in full groupsAre you playing on WIFI or on a LAN (wired) connection? Tried both Wifi and LAN. 95% of the times over wiFiIs there a specific map and mod
  13. some abilities connect super poorly with Siege. Look at EV2 Proton for instance. >_>
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