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  1. I am in the exact same boat. I could ask my friends (already in C5) to carry me, but I am trying to farm C2 to experience the progression. Only thing that sucks is that I cannot play as much as I used to, so it will be a slow grind.
  2. sgof


    On a serious note. I never really seen the pole smash do too much on the SR, before or after the patch.
  3. sgof

    Designated DU's

    So, a huge nerf hit today. It comes down to the problem that only 1 tower gets abused. Like an all Nimbus build, or all flame tower build, etc. What might fix this is to designate DU's for each type of tower. I haven't though about it too deeply, but, categorizing by something like, Traps (Huntress Traps, wasps, sands, etc), Auras (need to reclassify some other trap'ish ones to auras?), AOE towers, single target towers, support towers (auras? frosties?)? Or maybe I'm thinking to granular. Maybe just traps versus towers. Quick post... :)
  4. The Pets give additional stats. You can go for all Tower Stats, or Hero stats. They should remove the stats from pets all together, or just make it Hero stats only.
  5. I was having a tough time, even with C2. And trust me... my gear was all AFK NM4, even without PDT/PB... Having said that, I did leech off my friends for a bit, but I was still a bit confused. Anyways, looks like all of my medallions got the shaft, since they were fully upgraded prior to the patch. Also the fact that the "gear drop is based on the gear level of the hero's in your deck"???. Also, as mentioned above, I liked to build without the PDT cheese, or even other types of cheese... So, I see that people are on the Nimbus cheese... So, I switched gears to the Dryad, and yea... I can
  6. Did you go down the rabbit hole?
  7. Geez... I made a post like this, all I got were '.... .... ...'
  8. I like the changes. Yes, the UI needs some major quality of life enhancements, but not bad. My loots all randomized and basically gone... but, if you wanted to make a big change, time is now. I actually played a couple maps and found it fun and challenging. Reminds me of the days right before the F1-F4 hero swap (a step before abyss lord). Anyways, these were much needed changes. A little tweak here, add features there, and we are on our way! (give me my 4/s bows back...)
  9. Ok. So, how to explain this. Make sure to 'activate' all your shards. If not, that will bork up and scatter your inventory again.
  10. Just wait until you spend an hour trying to sort your bags, then go back into your inventory and find everything scattered all over the place again. This new inventory seriously sucks. It is just awful. OMG... sorted for over an hour. Took a break from sorting, and yea... all scattered up again. Someone post when this is fixed.
  11. Sorry. I was trolling. :) I thought DD1's 4 hour survival sessions were bad. This onslaught took it to another level. Anyways, what ever Trendy does next, I hope they keep it to about an hour. It's hard to keep the focus on the game beyond that. (Well, much less for me, but...)
  12. What is onslaught? Is it that game mode where you build stuff, up everything in a couple wave, and then afk the next 100 waves?
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