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  1. agree. it really is opinion based and how u built that hero. ^^
  2. yeah it has. just keep at it
  3. yeah I love arcane. just careful if ur defense towers aren't enough. arcane has tendency to let some pass over during knockback.
  4. Flamethrower + Oiled Ballista :D add some PDT too if I'm not lazy. i like it because it's unusual yet effective.
  5. same. I would put all my bag consuming carnival boosts and pet stuff and keys and lockboxes in it.
  6. hmm yeah I haven't used it as well, unless I accidentally hit it. ...maybe if it'still scaled increasingly for every upgrade like golds are. ex) first upgrade can be 9 medals only.
  7. yes and yes! lol~ this thread needs to be closed.
  8. First, why does everyone automatically thinks I'm a "HE"?? any unspoken knowledge that only males can play DD2? Second, I didn't even realize that was an old post. That ">>" button isn't hard to misclick and mislead to an old post.
  9. sky guard seem to slow air units on hit but no official confirmation on this. just visual tests.
  10. If you did in fact got kicked for no sensible reason, then I feel ya. Sometimes, one player is an ass and the rest who paged up are ignorant. Take this as another motivation to gear up so you can win solo games or build public games on your own. Honestly, i'd rather play with leechers and low geared players that are respectful than high geared players that are buttholes.
  11. keyy<3

    Trading cards

    Yeah, I agree. I purchased some DLC for the game and never got trading card drops. I had to trade with my friends to earn them. :|
  12. If it's only for onslaught and your own private game, then sure timer can be longer. But please, other than that, make it shorter, not longer. Players be joining quick match to AFK on your game, and you don't always have the power to kick them.
  13. HERE IS WHY! It WAS really hard to progress from level to level. Unlike nowadays, noob can just join nm4 games and the builders are okay with it since it's still doable most of the time. But back then if you're noob and you leech nm4 games, you have to be kicked. Those non-leg gears are very useful because it's hard to progress from level to level. When someone can easily do nm3, doesn't mean she can easily do nm4. She'll probably beat a wave or two of the map, and then lose. In that second level that she win, she can get nm4 gears (with higher defense power, etc.) and most of the time it's not gonna be a legendary gear. Because you're trying to progress from nm3 to nm4, that piece of gray/green/blue/purple (whatever color it is) gear is enough to slowly get you there.
  14. I hope so. But from what I've seen and told, gloves had 15% max value.
  15. i was queued in a game where level 46 AL and Ev built nm4 ramparts inc. I realized the game felt like how it was during harbinger's patch... Building nm4 inc during harbinger's patch with good gear felt the same as level 40+s building nm4 inc nowadays. That's how strong op it is.
  16. Don't worry! Towering poison may be gone, but a new , better, and more powerful passive awaits for PDT. :'D ; ( Good night, sweet princess. That was my favourite build, I loved the "stealth wall" effect, where all the ranged mobs ran up to the tower because of its low aggro before noticing it actually has 440k HP. Good times : ( But there are a couple of nice things coming as well I guess! Does the Poison Dart Tower get a new passive instead of Towering?@ @Skycat
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