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  1. agree. it really is opinion based and how u built that hero. ^^
  2. yeah I love arcane. just careful if ur defense towers aren't enough. arcane has tendency to let some pass over during knockback.
  3. Flamethrower + Oiled Ballista :D add some PDT too if I'm not lazy. i like it because it's unusual yet effective.
  4. same. I would put all my bag consuming carnival boosts and pet stuff and keys and lockboxes in it.
  5. hmm yeah I haven't used it as well, unless I accidentally hit it. ...maybe if it'still scaled increasingly for every upgrade like golds are. ex) first upgrade can be 9 medals only.
  6. yes and yes! lol~ this thread needs to be closed.
  7. First, why does everyone automatically thinks I'm a "HE"?? any unspoken knowledge that only males can play DD2? Second, I didn't even realize that was an old post. That ">>" button isn't hard to misclick and mislead to an old post.
  8. sky guard seem to slow air units on hit but no official confirmation on this. just visual tests.
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