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  1. That's the reason that I was wondering if it was fixed or not. Just because GW doesn't use relics doesn't mean I don't want relics for my builders to scale into the next chaos tier.
  2. I love using her as a CC train with AP DPS, but I've seen that gearing people up and using her as a main makes getting relics really difficult. Is this still a thing or has it been fixed?
  3. [[602,users]] When they come out of cloak to hit you, you can't book. And ev2 decoy won't make it target the decoy since it already has you tagged.
  4. You can also set up a single cc tower (Geyser/Viper Fangs) to aim at just you when you get marked by one so it can CC it off of you. And then stun it like normal and kill it.
  5. How to deal with Dark Assassin's: Squire with Worm Scarf, Block Power, Armor 40%, and tons of health (At least 30k). Press provoke right as soon as you see the purple glow around you, and then seismic slam after they are done attacking you. It should stun the assassin long enough for you to switch to DPS and kill it
  6. Thanks, everyone! It's so tedious, but I guess that's the way it goes.
  7. So I know the old method was to go and fight Harbinger on Free Play Easy, but when you have XP boost is it better to just do the normal maps?
  8. Ah way to make me sad :C I'm in tech school in the Air Force, so I was hoping it was going to be a midnight update so I could play before classes tomorrow. Ah well. More anticipation buildup.
  9. Ah that would explain it. Totally forgot about the holiday lockboxes. Thank you!
  10. So is this skin for huntress discontinued or something? I haven't really seen anyone with it but myself.
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