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  1. Welcome to DD2. A game where multiplayer usually ruins the game. DD2 should bring players together and still shouldn't be as hard as now. Sometimes I do public lobbies just for fun, I always tell leechers what to do. (for example upgrade X first then Y..) but they just stand still, drop the mana, eventhough all they have to do is just upgrading towers, but seems like it's a hard thing to do in c7. I also don't understand why new players keep joing c6/c7 games, maybe the game doesn't tell them they won't progress there..? There should be an "unlock" system for Trials, they need to complete a T
  2. Ranged towers are underwhelming most of the time let's face it. Well.. I'd rather say using only 1 type of tower (only ranged,only aura, etc) makes the game boring. It's like a sandbox game, the more towers you use the more interesting it becomes.
  3. I dont get you.. ranged towers had no problems. You always had (and still have) the chance to use them and to challange yourself. But for others (like me) I prefer auras and a few ranged towers to support them. Not fixing a HUGE bug that affects a lot of players makes the game unplayable rather than challenging.
  4. Hope this gets fixed ASAP. Wanted to farm some of the "new" items and failed so bad.
  5. Losing a wall doesn't mean losing the game, most of the DPS characters are capable of holding a lane alone (without walls). Also can't agree with defense range/placement. You can get quite big range with shard+gambit. Also you don't have to place towers behind walls, on most of the maps you can find some really good next-gen spots around the map. But I totally agree with the Lady Orcs.. sometimes I dont even know they got the core; falling into the other lane, pushing eachother over the wall.. pure teamwork. I also don't like that the core has low HP, but Trendy mentioned something in a stream
  6. Nothing wrong with the current difficulty with more players, except the fact that it is not rewarding. I mostly play solo because it makes my life easier when farming stuff.
  7. Agreed. Im just trying to come up with ideas because coop is obviously dead.
  8. The only thing that bothers me is victory chest and upgrade levels. A blue relic shouldn't be stronger than a mythical/legendary. Because a 60 upgr blue is way stronger than a 15 or 30 upgr mythical or legendary. (except the fact that it has only 2 shard slots). On the other hand the drop rates are ridiculous.. I get relics with stats that I'll never use and not usefull at all. The worst case when I don't get a single mythical or legendary, and on top of that I get a Green Chest as a "reward". Legendary totems shouldn't have 15 or 30 max upgrade (only 45 and 60), and mythical shouldn't have 15
  9. I really like the trials update overall, but there are some things that needs some fix really quick. I've mentioned some problems on other posts (as a reply), but got no feedback from devs, so I decided to create my own "feedback post". Gold/Upgrade Cost Issues: Earning Gold is really hard since the update came out, the only shard that supposed to make you rich (Jackpot) is completely useless. The prices are too high, I'm starting to feel like that I wont be able to progress further due to the lack of gold. I really want to gear up all of my heroes, but I can't because I know there will be n
  10. Gold is a HUGE issue at the moment. Before The Trials update I was able to farm 120k/map with jackpot gear, but I didn't need that much gold. Now the Jackpot shard is completely useless, but we are really in need of gold with the current upgrade costs. Gearing up a hero after every Chaos Tier is extremely expensive (you have to upgrade all your items to be able to get better ones). I was refunded with ~40M gold when the update came out, now I have 8M, and I haven't even tried C7 (Farming C6 items currently). Hope we will get a solution for the gold issues really soon..
  11. I really like the idea of it, but double jump for some heroes would be weird imo, for example Abyss Lord, Squire and the upcoming Barbarian. But for the rest of the heroes (like monk, app, etc.) would be a nice addition. Maybe like pet active ability? Move faster, double jump, repair/build faster, etc. But I also agree with Hom-Sha-Bom , gunwitch is good for it's mobility. Ev2 doesn't have much mobility on purpose, she works like a cannon/turret.
  12. Well, I was farming some items today, then I realised I check my inventory almost after every wave becuase auto collect said 90% full, altough I had around 16 slots left in my legendary auto collect bag. So I come up with an idea; auto collect notification should show the exact numbers instead of showing x%. Here is a picture of my concept that I made with my insane ph0t0sh0p skillZ. 
  13. I'd say crane monk with crit build. Zimmermann already made a post about it so I just link I guess. He explains everything, how to build, what passives, etc. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/142075/basic-guide-on-how-to-monk-and-how-to-siege-roller I also like Dryad with AP/crit build you can make high DMG bursts. For Dryad I go with AP/crit with crit chance and Starfall dmg increase passive. For spheres you can choose whatever you want.. just a few DPS spheres.. you'll know what you need. :D
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