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  1. Roller coaster have a clear beginning and ending. DD does not.
  2. The items decay when the [[922,hashtags]] is reached, worst items first. So, pick up stuff if you are really greedy, but you'll get the best stuff after the wave. Kinda. Game only looks at value and a lot of the 1/1 stuff is worth more than the 1/40 gear.
  3. First of all, you're comparing a lv0 proxy to lv5 proxy (in Jaravak picture). Second & third, kaname's post.
  4. Speed, hero health (and casting speed).
  5. I thought bone bones have infinite pierce... They used to, I think. But now they pierce only 1 mob.
  6. Yes, like I said. [quote]Superloot guardians can probably break these limits, at least the defence buff. [/quote]
  7. By upgrading you're limited to 20 defence buff, no idea about range (more than you'll ever need though), and 5 towers. Superloot guardians can probably break these limits, at least the defence buff.
  8. I am pretty sure it follows along with missions. Labs is a relatively low mission (number), meaning you aren't going to get that awesome of loot from the tavern, despite going to a wave. However, if you go to say wave 10 on Glitter, you will probably see better loot. Most likely correct, just finished hard glitter (non survival) and in the shop there is 39^ guardian, 19^ imp and 40^ animus.
  9. Thanks for the laugh today I needed it. You're welcome.
  10. If I use the word Book, then it is a dictionary reference? Just because BIS is used in wow, it doesn't mean it is wow specific O.o Every game with gear has BIS item/term. Yeah, but WoW invented it. Just like Halo invented FPS.
  11. It's not required. Jump into ensnare to lure the ninja and kill the harpoons, get out of ensnare and kill ninja, jump back in and kill the rest of the 1st group, wait for them to respawn and then march forward. Careful with the bowling though.
  12. Rampart probably. Seen quite a few whenever I've done halloween.
  13. Hm ok ty, but i've always been wondering, is it better to place the trap far away enough from an aura or blockade so that only the tip of the radius will get triggered by enemies or put the whole thing infront of the block? Depends, if I want a trap to protect a barricade I put them in the middle of barricade so it triggers whenever something goes near it (aka DEWs) from any direction. For other purposes, I just try to put them in place that makes the most sense.
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